Thursday, June 4, 2009

The importance of drinking lots of water!!!!

Dear friends,
As we all know, 70% of our body is made of water . Water is important in our body to ensure that all systems go well.
Here are few reasons why you should drink water:
1. To give you energy
When you feel tired, thats because you are thirsty. Once you are dehydrated, this will lead to fatique, muscle weakness and dizziness.
2.Weight loss
You can actually reduce your weight by drinking lots of water as water has no calories, no fats, no sugar and no carbo. Try to replace high-calorie drinks with water.
3.Healthy heart
It has been found that drinking lots of water could actually lower the risk of heart attack!
4. Headache cure
Drinking lots of water could prevent headache and migraine .
5. Glowing skin/complexion
It has been proven that drinking lots of water help people with dull and problem skin. Water helps to flush out all the impurities in our body.
6.Digestive problem/Constipation
Again water helps to cure digestive problems. Constipation normally is the result of not taking enough water. Imagine if we go to the loo without having water in the system! How do we flush? The same goes with our body, it just need water to flush out all the impurities (toxin) .
So if you want to have a beautiful skin as well as body, drink more water.

How to make drinking water a habit?
Best way to do is to form a routine:
one glass once you get up in the morning,
one glass for each meal and drink before, between and after exercise.
Another way is to drink one glass of water for every waking hour!!!
So drink like a fish to avoid wrinkle.

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