Monday, September 28, 2009

Gold Radiance Serum / Caroline 24K Gold Foil Mask

Gold Foil Mask/Gold Radiance Serum
Cleopatra slept in a mask of gold every night. The Queen of the Ching Dynasty had gold rolled on her face everyday. All these are done purely on the basis that pure gold has an anti-ageing effect on the skin, it rejuvenates and nourishes the skin, giving it a long lasting 'youth' glow.
Caroline 24K Gold Foil Mask and Gold Radiance Serum (with micro-particles of pure gold) too have great regenerating, hydrating and nourishing effect on the skin.
Other Benefits:
1. Lift/firm the skin
2. Whitening Effect
3.Moisturising/Hydrating Effect
4.Reduce Fine lines/wrinkles
5.Help restore Collagen and
6.Assist in protection against pollution and UV rays.
1. Apply a generous amount of Caroline Gold Radiance Serum on fresh cleansed skin.
2. Cut Caroline Gold Foil into 4pcs. and place on forehead, chin and both cheeks.
3. Start to massage (gently) from around the eyes area and continue to cover up and down right to the neck line. Continue to massage face until all gold foil had been absorbed into the skin.
4.Relax and rest for 15-30mins.

Price: RM888.00/USD247 (25pcs. Gold Foil)
Price:RM265/USD75(10x3ml Gold Radiance Serum)

DISCLAIMER: Visible results after using product varies for each user, depending on various conditions.
N.B. Not suitable for acne/pimple /congested skin.

Caroline Oxygen H2O Cream

Caroline Oxygen H2O Cream is suitable for all skin types.
1.Stimulates cell renewal and skin's natural functions.
2. Prevents loss of moisture
3. Prevents loss of elasticity .
Apply to face and neck area (morning & evening) with light circular massage movement.

Price: RM 158.00/USD45 (40ml)

DISCLAIMER: Visible results after using product varies for each user, depending on various conditions.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


FACIAL SERUM (3ml x 10)
What is SERUM?
Liquid treatments that are high in concentrated ingredients to treat skin problems are called serums.
Why use SERUM?
1.Daily Stress and Strain
2.Unhealthy Environment
3.Under-Par Diet.
Why is it EFFECTIVE?
1.Contain high amount of Active Ingredients that help to accelerate cell renewal
2.Formulated to be Easily Absorbed/Penetrate into the skin
3.Help Boost Moisture Levels.
Types of SERUM
1. Vitamin C Serum
2. Collagen Serum
3. DNA Serum
4. Firming Serum
5. Whitening Serum.
1. Stimulate New Collagen
2.Increase Skin Elasticity
3.Firms/Tones…….Reduce lines/wrinkles
4.Lighten The Skin
5.Reduces Risk Of Sunburn.
1.It is like a moisture magnet
2.Smoothes fine lines &wrinkles
3.Promotes firm, radiant & even-toned skin.
4.Provides deep moisture for a natural glow.
1.Boost skin's moisture content
2.Provide maximum nutrition/nourishment & antioxidant.
3.Fight signs of ageing.
Lift and firm the facial skin.
Lighten and even-out skin tone.

Moisturizers only affect the top layer of skin because it has larger molecules, while SERUM can be absorbed by the deepest layers of skin. A serum can nourish the skin and be applied after a toner and before a moisturizer.
SERUM can either be used alone or be layered if you choose to use more than one .

These serum comes in a box of 10 (3ml ) ampoules.
You can either buy it on its own or we mix it for you.
Price: RM 75.00/USD21 per box (RM120.00/USD34 for 2 boxes)

DISCLAIMER: Visible results after using product varies for each user, depending on various conditions.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Why Do You Need To Massage

Massage is the kneading and stroking of the body's soft tissues - the skin and muscles - with varying degrees of pressure.
What does it do?
Gentle massage
affects the nervous system through nerve endings in the skin, stimulating the release of endorphins, the body's natural 'feel good' chemicals, to help induce relaxation and a sense of well-being, to relieve pain and reduce levels of stress chemicals such as cortisol . It helps reverse the damaging effects of stress by slowing heart rate, respiration and metabolism and lowering raised blood pressure.
Stronger massage
stimulates blood circulation to improve the supply of oxygen and nutrients to body tissues and helps the lymphatic system to flush away waste products. It eases tense and knotted muscles and stiff joints, improving mobility and flexibility.
The most common massage techniques :
effleurage, a light, firm and gentle stroking;
petrissage, firm kneading and rolling of the tissues;
frottage, or friction, deep direct pressure to release muscle tension.
Even though some people still regard it as a "self-indulgent luxury", massage in reality brings alot of benefits namely:
1.It promotes Emotional Balance
2.Relaxation and Rejuvenation
3.Detoxify the Body
4.Improved Digestion
5.Improved Mobility
6.Improved Sleeping Pattern
7.Improved Blood Circulation
8.Improved Skin Tone.

At Esjay Beauty Centre,
is RM50 per hr.

In actual fact, there’s something special about taking an hour or so out of your busy life just to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Try it, you will definately feel the difference!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Importance of FACIAL (Final)

Types Of Facial Treatments:
1.Normal Facials (From RM50.00)

These facials are a simple cleanse, steam and massage affair.
They're the least expensive of all facials.
They're also the best option for normal skin that isn't prone to acne.
2.Teen Facials (RM40.00)
a teen facial promotes a clear, healthy, and glowing complexion.A teen facial can help to unclog blocked pores, reduce oil and clear acne.
3.Acne Facials(From RM75.00)
A treatment for those who suffer with troubled skin; particularly effective on teenage and adult acne. After cleansing this treatment begins with a warm vapor mist, followed by extensive manual deep pore extractions and a skin-calming, anti-bacterial masque.
This facial should be performed at regular, two-week intervals until problem clears.
4.Collagen Facials (From RM75.00)
This type of facial includes exfoliation, warm vapor, deep pore cleansing, lymphatic drainage massage and a freeze dry collagen sheet to ensure the ideal hydrating effect.
Normally in this kind of facial, liquid nutrients in the form serum are used . This is an effective preventative treatment against harmful environmental damage, wrinkles and dark circles. Recommended for all skin types.
5. Gold Facials(From RM200.00)
This facials make use of Gold Serum containing 24-Carat pure gold, which penetrates the skin easily. It is a powerful rejuvenating treatment.
Gold has a powerful effect on lymphatic drainage, facilitating the removal of toxins and wastes. This accelerates the regeneration of new cells. Masks, containing gold, are also applied.
The gold facial helps to restore youthful qualities, like softness, smoothness, elasticity, resilience and radiance.
6. Firming Facials (From RM200.00)
This facial uses all the products that have the power to firm up the facial skin and design a treatment that rejuvenates as well as revitalizes your skin while preventing future damage.
7.Anti-Ageing Facials(From RM200.00)
The Anti-Ageing Facial introduces a treatment that slows down the ageing process, irons out those wrinkles, and leaves you looking like you've had a natural mini face lift. This type of facial uses more massage. It works primarily by freeing constrictions both within the facial muscles and in the connective tissue.

Lastly, be kind to yourself and your skin – it has to last you a lifetime!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Importance of FACIALS (Pt. 3)

"A Facial it's More Than Meets the Eye" :
1.regulates the immune system
2.aids in detoxification
3.reduces the amount of fluid that has built up in the body, and
4. aids in stress relief when it includes "aromatherapy, lymphatic drainage,and exfoliation treatments ."( Lymphatic drainage helps release toxins that have built up in the body).
Why do you need to massage during facials?
Facial massage leaves skin looking smooth, stimulates circulation, helps relieve sinus congestion, and even reduces stress.
1. Massages aid in blood circulation,which lead to a better and radiant skin.
2.Massages during facials by using lymphatic drainage technique help in releasing trapped toxin under the skin.
3.It also aids in the relaxation of the facial muscles which can definately slowdown the onset of wrinkles on the face.
4.Skin cells can also be renewed by using this technique, which can also reduce puffiness and saggy skin.
A Few Must Do's for Facial Massage:
1. Remove all traces of make-up
2.Never exert pressure while massaging the face
3.Fingers should move in upward and outward motion towards temple. This helps delay the force of gravity.
Ideally, a facial should be done once every 3-4 weeks,(unless a person suffers from acne/pimples).Facial normally do not help in lightening the skin, but it helps in removing the dead cells which results in fairer and lighter skin.A monthly facial boosts the skin and certainly pays dividends by rehydrating, balancing and firming the skin. The skin cells have a lifecycle of one month, so after the month they are due for some maintenance.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Importance of FACIALS (Pt. 2)

Why do we need to do Facials on regular basis?
Dead skin cells come up to the surface of your skin on a daily basis. As a result,the complexion losing its radiance and the face ends up looking tired. Once that happens, the pores clog up with impurities, toxins are less easily eliminated and penetration of products (serums etc.)are blocked. This is the point at which you really can benefit from a total salon cleansing.During this time, you will experience a time of total relaxation, a wonderful time of bliss.Afterwards, your skin will breathe better and your complexion will become radiant once again. Usually treatment results are immediate for all skin types. You will be able to look in the mirror and clearly see the beneficial effects of a salon facial treatment on your face.
During your facial, the following will be done:
1.make-up is removed
2.face, neck and chest are cleansed.
3.Followed by a deep pore cleansing (double cleanse).
5. Scrub
6.Massage cream is then applied. This helps lubricate the skin making it easier to do the massage movements, which help to stimulate the skin.
Benefits of Massage:
.to increase circulation of the blood to the face which will help the products to penetrate better
c.Using lymphatic drainage to remove toxin from face
d. helps prepare the skin for extractions and
e. total relaxation.
7.After the massage, any extractions, if needed, will be done.
8.. A relaxing mask is then applied and left on for approximately 10-20 minutes. This helps soothe and relax the skin.
9.The face is then toned. Toning the skin removes any residual make-up or cleanser that may be left on the skin.
10.. Lastly, the skin is moisturized and sunblock is applied.
NB. Massage is not suitable for teens/adults with acne/pimples.

The Importance of FACIALS (Pt. 1)

Why do you need to do facials?
Below are the benefits of Facials:

Erase / Smoothen Wrinkles (Anti-Ageing)
Relaxing and Rejuvenation
Cells Renewal are faster
Detoxify the facial skin
Increase Blood and Oxygen supply to skin surface
Better Blood Circulation to facial skin.
Receiving a professional facial is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable services available to a salon client. When performed on a regular basis, facials can result in a noticeable improvement in the client's skin tone, texture and appearance. A facial can restore the normal balance of oil and pH for the skin. Facials can also remove blackheads and help prevent acne.
Teen Facials In addition to a good daily skin care routine, a teen facial can help to unclog blocked pores, reduce oil and the appearance of pores, and clear acne.
Start your teen off with proper skin care, motivate and educate your teen with a skin care lesson. Your teen will experience the reward of cleansing, exfoliation, extractions (as needed), and a mask followed by nourishing moisturizers and sunblock cream.
Caroline offers travel set/trial set for normal as well as oily skin.

Normal set (Price: RM 108.00) (pic. extreme right)
Oily set (Price: RM 168.00 ) (pic. centre)
DISCLAIMER: Visible results after using product varies for each user, depending on various conditions.

Effective Ways of Controlling Acne/Pimples

There are many ways of controlling acne/pimples, but the effective ways are:
1. Drink lots of water to clear and flush out toxin.Water hydrates the skin and prevents your pores from clogging. Acne is produced when your pores are clogged, causing bacteria to manifest themselves inside your skin. Thus, drinking water is no doubt the best way to treat acne.

2.Research has shown that people with vitamin A deficiency have a higher chance of being dogged by acne. Vitamin A is needed for repairing and strengthening skin cells. Vitamin A also helps in reducing and controlling the extra sebum production. In short, if you are looking for a fast acne treatment, Vitamin A should be included as part of the regime.

3.Using proper skin care is very important in controlling acne/pimples. Here Caroline offers 3 must have products in the battle against acne/pimples namely:

2 in 1 Purifying Cleanser (120ml) RM188.00/USD53
Rejuvenation Lotion (30ml) RM158.00/USD44
Refining Cream. (20gm) RM138.00/USD39
DISCLAIMER: Visible results after using product varies for each user, depending on various conditions.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Caroline Refining Cream (20g)

This is another popular product from Caroline. It is suitable for all skin types especially oily/pimple skin.
Caroline Refining Cream helps to control and prevent the outbreak of pimples/acne. It also heals scars and minimize facial pores. Also effective in preventing skin pigmentation/congestion. As a result, skin will be more radiance, healthy and younger looking.
Deep cleanse face with Caroline 2 in 1 Purifying Cleanser. Then apply Caroline Refining Cream on affected areas and massage gently for 10 sec.
NB. This product is a must item to have especially for pimple/acne prone skin.

Price: RM 168.00/USD46

DISCLAIMER: Visible results after using product varies for each user, depending on various conditions.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Beauty Tips

"Zest is the secret of all beauty. There is no beauty that is attractive without zest. -Christian Dior"

Yes,'zest' is the key word here. Without zest (keen interest) there's no desire whatsoever to do anything. The same goes to taking care of your body. You need to take care of your body from head to toe. It is a daily routine .
Hair: Starts with your hair 'crowning glory'. The way you wash your hair can hinder or help your scalp, hair and style as well. Experts suggest that you should apply shampoo on completely wet hair and only on the hair nearest the scalp. Massage your scalp thoroughly before you rinse it off.
Eyes: The eyes 'mirror of your soul' should be treated with care. In order to have a healthy as well as beautiful pair of eyes, you need to take plenty of fresh fruits and veges. Involve in regular exercise for blood circulation in order for the eyes to get enough supply of oxygen.The best medicine to keep your eye healthy is to drink a lot of water.
Teeth:One effective tip for dental care is to change the tooth brush regularly and to choose proper toothpastes. Regular visits to dentist is a must. Try to avoid taking too much sugar, soft drinks and chocolates.
Skin: This is the largest organ of the body.
One effective skin care tip is to drink a lot of water during the day. It leaves one's skin with a healthy glow.Consuming fresh fruits and vegetables can be helpful for getting healthy skin. Pamper your skin with proper skin products. If possible try to use herbal base skin care.
Hands: Hands are often the most overworked and ignored parts of the body. When doing any house cleaning work, wear rubber gloves to keep dirt and harsh chemicals from affecting your hands. However, nails tend to puff up when soaked in water and shrink back when dry causing them to become fragile, so make sure that your hands are not immersed in water for prolonged periods. Take a good moisturizing lotion and massage your hands for 5 minutes. A good massage helps in blood circulation, softening the skin and making your hands beautiful.
Feet: Most people forget to take good care of their feet which results in incomplete makeover. An unkempt feet can ruin an entire make over of a person. A nice pair of feet complements a pair of nice sandals. So try to soak your feet at least once a week in warm water (mix with olive oil) for 10-15min. and then scrub them to remove the dead cells. Moisturise your feet at night before going to bed and put on your old pair of socks. Your feet will be better by morning.
So to wrap up,
'Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the BELIEF that she is beautiful."-- Sophia Loren

Monday, September 7, 2009

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it." Those are great words from Confucius .

"When a guy tells you that you're hot; he is looking at your body. "
" When a guy tells you that you're pretty; he is looking at your face."
" But when a guy tells you that you're beautiful; he is looking at your heart."
It is an accomplishment to have a beautiful body and face but you have to top it off with a beautiful heart.

One question though. How do you achieve a desirable look without the heavy use of cosmetics and makeup?
Be as natural as possible and do up only when and where necessary. Natural beauty is akin to an overall healthy appearance. You have to start with a better lifestyle. Your own attitude and daily life normally reflects in how you look to others. They always say, 'you are what you eat', so start taking good food and a balanced diet. Taking good food will help your organs to function well and this will certainly shows on the outside. Good nutrition is key to your outward appearance and longevity.

Caring for skin is very important as the skin is the biggest organ of your body. In order to have a soft , supple as well as radiant skin ,do drink lots of water. Take note, after shower always apply body lotion while the skin is still damp to lock in the moisture. Try using herbal base products for your skin care. Always try to avoid going under the sun especially between 10am to 4pm as the ray is most damaging at this time. Never leave your home without using sunblock (SPF 15 at least).

Ok now that we have a good and functional body, what do we do? We have to mantain it. We have to learn to live a stress free life. Make it a routine to relax and pamper yourself. Ladies can easily do this by going to beauty saloons. Doing facial by yourself is not the same as having professionals doing it for you. Benefits: better blood circulation, aids lymphatic drainage(removal of toxin/waste from body), keep your skin hydrated and removing of dead cells which in turn makes your skin look fairer.

Besides going to beauty saloons, you have to keep yourself fit by doing exercise.

Take care and have a lovely day!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Gold Rejuvenation Treatment Set

Would you like to have this face? This is a photo of a model who uses gold as her beauty treatment.
There are many benefits of Gold:
1.Slows down collagen depletions and breakdowns of elastin to prevent sagging skin.
2.Stimulates cellular growth of basal layer to regenerate a firmer, healthier thighter skin.
3.Gold fights off damaging free radicals to prevent premature ageing of the skin.
Caroline's new product to delay the onset of wrinkle is Gold Rejuvenation Treatment Set. (take note: not on pimple and conjested face though)

What do you get with this set:

1. Gold Foils..............1pcs.
2.Hydrating Serum.......2bottles
3.Vitamin C powder......2bottles
4.UV Cream........1bottle (5gm)
5. 2in 1 Purifying Cleanser.......1bottle (30ml)
6.Milky Scrub.........1bottle(40gm)
7.Liposome Gel.......1bottle(40gm)
8.Anti-ageing Capsule......8pcs.
9.White Lotion........4packs (65ml)
10.Hydrating Soft Mask.....4packs(30gm)


1.Clean your face with the 2 in 1 Purifying Cleanser
2.Scrub your face with Milky Scrub
3.Smooth on the Hydrating Serum and massage till absorbed.
4.Apply Gold Foil Mask.
5. Continue to massage it with Liposome Gel . Use wet sponge to clean it.
6.Continue to massage with Anti Ageing Capsule.
7.Place Hydrating Soft Mask (mix with White Lotion). Take note: have to mix the two and apply it quickly as not to let it dry before placing on your face.
8. Leave mask on for 30-40 mins. and then peel it off or sponge it off.
9.Smooth on Vitamin C and massage for 2-3mins.
10.Lastly, apply reasonable amount of UV Cream

Tara!!!!!!The result : A more hydrated and moisturised skin, fine lines will be reduced, increase in lightening and firming effect.

Price: RM 708.00/USD197 (8 Treatments)

DISCLAIMER: Visible results after using product varies for each user, depending on various conditions.
N.B. Not suitable for acne/pimple skin.