Wednesday, October 28, 2009

24K Active Gold Eye Masks

This is a 24K Active Gold Eye Masks with Botanical Essence.
1.The active gold boosts the blood circulation for the eyes.
2.Gold also assists the active ingredients in penetrating the skin around the eye socket.
3.At the same time it also rapidly abating swelling or tiredness. As a result it helps to remove dark eyes, eye bags, and crow's feet.
The Ingredients used:Ultra Micro Gold Leaf,Vitamin B3, Mulberry Extract and Grape Leaf Essence.
Price: RM8.50/USD2.50per piece.
RM75.00/USD21(1 box of 10pcs.)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Toxin Absorbent /Slimming Pads

Please click pictures for bigger image (Black pads are used pads...covered with extracted toxin and oil!)

1.Detoxifies and removes fats naturally
2.Activates Cells
3.Relieves fatigue of the feet
4.Helps sleep
5.Relieves pain
6.Removes wastes accumulated in lymphatic system
7.Improves lymphatic functions and immunity.
APPLY once in 2 days.REDUCE 2-3 kilos within a month!!!
For slimming purposes, please reduce your food intake for faster result.
How to use it:
Clean your feet before going to bed at night
Fix the pads at the soles of your feet
Note:Pad will turn blackish in the morning and your sole will be oily. This is the result of fat/toxin being removed from your body.
This product is made in Korea with Japanese technology base on 28 years of intensive research.
Price:RM78.00/USD22 per box (10 sachets/5sets)
Price:RM70.00/USD20 If More than 10boxes.

Tua Viso .....What you get

Please go over picture to enlarge it.
Included in your kit:
Water Dispenser
Instruction book
Leather carry bag
Extra sponges
DVD Video
Quick Mini Quide.
Wipe away years of ageing and reveal a new YOU!
What it does:
Tua Viso electronically stimulates the muscles in your face.By firming and lifting your facial muscles, you will add youth and beauty to your face without having to go for surgery.Tua Viso provides a natural beauty that you can safely do it at your convenient and at affordable price.By doing Tua Viso once a day you can turn back ageing on:
Double chin
Eye bags
Drooping lips
Neck Creases
Facial Furrows
Forehead Lines
Crows' Feet
Creases under eyes
Sagging Jaw line.
Other Benefits:
Tua Viso lifts and tones the muscles structure beneath
your skin.Cream/Lotion cannot lift the underlying muscle structure.
Tua Viso not only works the face but also the neck,chin and jaw line.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tua to do

Please go over the pictures for clearer view and explaination.
How it is done
1.Fill the reservoirs with water.
2. Adjust the intensity of the unit
3. Press the area to be stimulated.
4. 5 seconds of emission and 5 seconds of pause
5. Follow directions for use on specific areas.
6. Allow 2-3 seconds of activation for each area of the face.
It is very easy to do and you can do it even when you go travelling.
You can see the results as early as two weeks after using Tua Viso.
Happy trying!

Non Surgical Facelift

Welcome to the world of TUA.
In Malay,'TUA'means old.However,this machine is made in Italy.Tua Viso reduces the sign of ageing.It is a non invasive cosmetic treatment for facial muscles using hydro electronic micro-current stimulation.
About this tool:
1.Light and easy to use/handle/carry.
2.One year warranty
3.Hand-held Battery operated
4.Comes with DVD video and handbook.
1.Firm/tone the face and neck
2.Lift the cheeks
3.Reduce wrinkles
4.Reduce eye bags(by increasing lymph drainage)
5.Sculpt the face (for younger look)
6.Prevent skin sagging.
7.Brow lift(for bigger eyes)
8.Stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis
9.Give radiant complexion.

Steps to slow down the ageing process

Is it possible to stop ageing?? Can you stop the hands of time? Well the answer to that is of course not! But you could delay your skin from ageing.
When do you think is the right time to delay the onset of wrinkles and fine lines? When is the right time to start taking care of your face?
Well,it is best to start taking care of your skin in your teen with good quality skincare regime (e.g Caroline skincare).
How to delay your skin from ageing:
1.Use good skincare regime (Caroline skincare)
2.Your Diet- It is important to start taking good/healthy food and not junk food.Basicly, 'you are what you eat'.
3.Avoid Sun rays- The most damaging element is ultra violet rays.Start using sunblock to avoid and protect your skin. Caroline UV cream is enriched with sunscreen agents to screen out the harmful UV rays.
4.Water acts as an anti-ageing element by hydrating the skin. It is advisable to drink between 8-10 glasses of water everyday.
5.Enough sleep is very important in order to delay ageing. There is no way for you to look young and vibrant when you do not have enough sleep. New cells are made while you are asleep. So get 6-8 hours of sleep everyday preferably before midnight.(as the saying goes, an hour before midnight is worth two after!)
6.Facial exercise.There are 44 muscles on our face and each muscle has to be moved in order to fight against gravity pull.We have to move these muscles the opposite way, away from gravity force.There are two ways how this can be done: 1.By doing facial massage (the best way is to go to salon) 2. By using exercise machine (hand-held and battery operated).This will be discussed on my next post.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Almonds for health/beauty

Please click on pictures for bigger image.
Almonds has been considered as 'king-of-nuts'. There are many health as well as beauty benefits that you could get from Almonds.
Beauty Benefits:
Almonds help to keep your skin young.(contain lots of Vt.E)
Almonds also help to remove dead cells if used as scrub.
Health Benefits:
Almonds give you monounsaturated fat that help to reduce bad cholesterol.
Protein content in almonds is comparable to average egg and help to strengthen the heart muscles.For children, it helps to increase their IQ.
Overall Benefits:
1.Nutritionally rich
2.Low in calories
3.Rich source of Vt.E, selenium and manganese.
4.Lower bad cholesterol and reduce risk of heart attack
5.Double protection against diabetes/cardiovascular disease.
6.Its healthy fat may help to reduce weight.
7.Protein powerhouse.
For those who are beauty as well as health conscious, try taking Almond Meal.It comes in a box containing 2 'vacuum-packed' almond powder in aluminium's foils that you could use as your drink. It is 100% natural with no sugar added,no colouring and no preservative.

Price: RM20.00/USD6 (500g)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Taking Care of your Skin

How to take care of your skin?
There are 3 basic steps: Cleansing, Exfoliating & Moisturising.
As we age, our skin tends to loose its elasticity and tends to get drier. However, the sooner a woman begins a good skin care routine the more she will reaps the benefits as she gets older.
Ways To protect your Skin:
1.Bathe daily.A daily bath/shower can add a much-needed moisture to your skin. You need only 5-10minutes of shower to moisturize your skin. However if you spend more time in the shower,the skin begins to dry.Please use warm water and not hot water to avoid dry skin as hot water removes the natural oil on your skin.Try to use moisturiser within 3 minutes after shower. By doing so,you are locking in the moisture as well into your skin.
2.Avoid direct sunlight.You can do this by applying sunblock/UV cream.
3.Stay clear of smokes/pollution. This is easily done by applying serum e.g Vitamin C/ gold/collagen serum.
4.Plug in a humidifier. A humidifier can add a much-needed moisture to the air and thus keep your skin from drying.
5.Exfoliate your skin. By doing so you are removing the dead cells and as such your skin will definately glow. However, please bear in mind that you are scrubbing your skin and not the bathroom floor! So please be gentle!!!
Extra care needed for the skin:
1.A regular nourishing facial(a once a month trip to the beauty salon)
2.Taking 8 glasses of water daily
3.A well balanced diet with lots of fresh fruits and veges
4.Taking Omega-3 fatty acid supplement.
So ladies, if you want to look beautiful till ripe old age, please take care of your skin since your skin is the biggest organ of your body.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Facial Exercise

To begin with, there are 44 muscles on your face. The idea of exercising your facial muscles may not be that easy.However, with only 10 minutes a day working out the facial muscles,you can see major results in certain area.By doing facial exercise you can shape your face and achieve better skin.
A facial exercise can help you to gain back your younger,smoother and firmer face. Applying cream alone on the face is not enough. A firmer and younger looking face can be achieved by consistently adhering to doing facial exercise.
Cream and serum will be absorbed much better after facial workout/massage.The skin texture will become tighter and will result in elimination of wrinkles.
Ladies as early as 20 are getting wrinkles due to work pressure and high stress level.
So ladies, the next time you go for your facial appointment, make sure you ask for facial with more massage, since massage is another form of facial exercise.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Head Massage (Cream Bath)

Head Massage is popular among the Indians and it is called Indian Head Massage. However,head massage is called Cream Bath by the Indonesian. It is almost similar except that instead of using oil to massage, the Indonesian uses a special hair cream to massage.
Head massage therapy includes benefits of improved circulation and hair condition.It is believe that a thorough head massage using cream and the right rubbing-in techniques makes for a healthy scalp,strengthen hair follicles, improves texture and promotes good hair growth.
Stimulate the scalp to improve blood circulation
Revitalize hair leaving them fresh and healthy
Delay the onset of Grey hair and
Relaxing and Rejuvenating.

Price: RM60.00per hr. (short hair)
Price: RM 70.00per hr.(long hair)

Anti-Ageing Salon Treatments

Aging skin develops as a result of body cell's inability to divide and produce chemicals like collagen and other essentials amino acids that help to ensure healthy,youthful and glowy skin. However there are ways that you could delay the onset of fine lines and wrinkles namely:
a)Drinking lots of water is the basic way to anti-ageing skin(this allow the skin to be hydrated and in doing so promotes a younger looking skin.)
b)Eating a healthy diet that includes lots of fruits and veges.
c) Use Herbal Skin Care Products (eg. Caroline)
d)Take lots of Vitamin C. Vitamin C strengthen capillaries and collagen.e) Include Vitamin E in your diet as this will neutralise the effect of free radicals which can contribute to premature ageing.
Below are list of Anti-Ageing Food:
BLUEBERRIES...lots of antioxidants.
BROCCOLI....repairs sun damaged skin
ALMONDS....helps keep skin smooth and hydrate in Vitamin E
APPLES....are the best detoxifier.
ONIONS.... a good detoxifier as well
GREEN TEA...a good UV protection agent for the skin.
So ladies, be sure to buy these food when you next go to the hyper market.

Here are the pricing for Anti-Ageing Treatments at Esjay Beauty Centre:

1. Anti-Ageing Treatment (Whitening/Hydrating) Price: RM 180.00
2. Anti-Ageing Treatment (Gold Serum+ Vitamin C capsule) Price: RM 200.00
3. Anti-Ageing Treatment (Gold Serum + Etc. Massage ) Price : RM 200.00
4. Anti-Ageing Treatment (Gold Foil +Gold Serum ) Price : RM 250.00
5. Anti_Ageing Treatment (Gold Foil -24K-+ Gold Serum) Price : RM 280.00