Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Calories Deficit

What do you know about calories deficit? Calories deficit is a state where your body burns more calories than it consumes. If you want this to happen, well , you have to eat less (or eat ONLY when you are hungry!). If you eat more calories than what  your body needs, that extra calories will be stored as FAT.
Losing weight is simple if you follow the calorie deficit rule. You have to burn more calories than  what you take in.
Ways to create Calories Deficit:
1. By dieting or eating less  and/or
2. By doing exercise.
For long lasting and healthier results always combine restricted diet and routine exercise programs.
Have fun!!!

New Tabita

Hi ladies, do not get cheated by using a fake Tabita that is in the market right now. It might be cheap, but, they are not the real one. Beware of the fake Tabita! The fake Tabita can spoil your skin without you knowing about it.
Tabita consists of 4 items namely :
Facial Wash
Smooth Lotion (Toner)
Day Cream
Night Cream.
Please take note that due to oxidation, the smooth lotion's bottle cover might get a bit blackish. However, do not be alarmed as this product contains  lauric acid (from coconut) so once opened it might get exposed to the air (oxygen) and so it turns blackish due to oxidation.
Tabita ,if use as directed in the leaflet, could produce a satisfactory result quite fast.The genuine Tabita do not get your face burn under the sun and do not make your face reddish. So Be Ware!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Why Women Wear Makeup

Despite the saying that 'men love women for who they naturel!' many experts believe that makeup worn  daily by many women worldwide, may affect their self esteem, overall performance and even ability to be hired. Makeup to a woman is :
A mood lifter
A Confidence booster
A Natural beauty enhancer.
A study by London School of Fashion students in 2009 found that 85% of women believed that wearing  makeup managed to lift their mood on a bad day. Women tend to have more self confidence when they go out wearing makeup. They normally feel happier and a lot better about themselves.
Nicolas Gueguen, a French psychologist has found evidence that men  are more attracted to 'painted' ladies. When men say that they do not like makeup, what they mean is that they do not like women with too much makeup (like war-paint) or apply it badly.
After asking guys of different age group, these are the findings:
1.Most of the time guys do not realise whether a woman is wearing makeup or not. All that they notice is that the woman is beautiful!
2.The guys only realise that a woman is wearing makeup if she over-applied or wearing it badly.
3.The 'unconscious' number of guys are attracted to 'painted' women.
Whatever the reason for the women to use makeup, the key word is moderation. Makeup can enhance the natural beauty of any woman if use in moderation. Makeup also benefits the younger and older women. Younger women may use makeup to achieve older appearance and cover some imperfections or blemishes. And older women can use certain makeup techniques to help them look younger. In todays world, society places so much emphasis on women's appearance, so it really pays to take  an interest on yourself.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

A woman without paint is like food without salt!

A Roman philosopher, Plautus,  wrote, "A woman without paint is like food without salt."
Well ladies, if that is the case, you have to put on a little colour to your face ! Colouring (make up) will definately make your face more cheerful and beautiful!
However, you do not have to paint your face too heavily. All you need is a light powder and some lipsticks and of course eye liner /eye brows.Voila!
Make up should be used with skill and knowledge. It is meant to enhance some features and hide imperfections. A little lip colour, eyeshadow and mascara will definately makes alot of difference to your appearance.
Well ladies, would it kill you to take an interest in yourself?
The picture above is that of Gwyneth-Paltrow.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Saya banyak menulis tentang Tabita dari dulu lagi. A few months ago I decided to stop using Tabita! Guess what? Saya rasa muka saya lebih bagus masa pakai Tabita. Jadi sekarang saya pakai semula Tabita and wow! Ramai yang komen yang muka saya 'berseri'.
Tabita some how manage to give your face a beautiful glow and firm up your facial skin.....what I need actually!
Tabita......You are the Best!!!BUT, please be careful......theres a lot of fake Tabita in the market right  now. Harga murah ya, tapi hati hati! Tabita tiruan ada mengandungi Hydroquinon.....Beware!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tabita....Testimoni dari Rakan

Seperti ramai wanita, saya memang gemar mencantikkan diri, apa lagi kalau untuk muka.Dah beribu RM yang saya bazirkan, tetapi muka tetap sama je!!! Muka saya selama ini memang ada bekas jerawat (parut/lubang)dan garis halus yang mengingatkan kita bahawa diri dah mula memasukki alam senja.He he he
Mula mula saya agak ragu ragu untuk memakai Tabita, apa lagi bila harga yang saya dengar dari seorang kenalan sungguh memeranjatkan.....RM1200 untuk pek regular dan RM1800 untuk pek exclusif!!! Mak datok, mahal giler!!! Tetapi dengan kuasa Allah, saya dapat membeli dari seorang dealer dengan harga yang betul2 rendah....RM500.00 sahaja!(Tabita yang Asli)
Pada malam tu, saya dah tak sabar nak mencubanya! Tepat jam 8.45pm lepas je solat Isyak, terus cuci muka dan mencuba Tabita.Paginya pula, bangun terus check kat cermin, ada apa2 perbezaan ke? Mana ada, baru pakai satu malam!
Beberapa hari yang seterusnya, saya memakai Tabita dengan begitu tekun dan yakin! Minggu pertama, muka saya nampak agak kering dan tanda mengelupas yang halus halus ternampak di kulit muka.Saya teruskan memakainya.
Minggu kedua, muka dah mula nampak cerah, sampai cik abang pun dah mula tegur! Hati saya dah mula rasa suka dan memanjatkan kesyukuran pada Ilahi yang telah menemukan saya dengan skin care yang bernama Tabita!
Hari ini telah genap 9 bulan saya memakai Tabita. Lubang bekas jerawat dan parut serta garis halus mula hilang , dan kulit kelihatan muda dan cerah!!! Keyakinan saya pada Tabita terus memuncak bila saya dapati yang Tabita memang tanpa Hydroquinon dan Mercury. Tabita di racik memakai bahan alam semula jadi.
Sabun:papaya jepun
Toner:Lauric acid dari kelapa
Day cream:papaya jepun, kolegen, vit.C&E
Night cream:serbuk mutiara
Sekarang, saya mengurangi pemakaian toner sebab kulit saya dah cantik(Alhamdulillah). Toner hanya di pakai 3/4 kali seminggu.
Dengan pengalaman saya ni, saya mula recommend kan buat teman2 yang bermasaalah seperti saya. Alhamdulillah, semua happy dan muka terus cerah dan pori pori dah mengecil !!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Exercise.......What to wear

Regardless of shape, size or fitness level that you are in, you have to put on a proper attire when you do exercise.This is a must!Looking good is not the only consideration when choosing a workout outfit. The outfit must bend and stretch with you and at the same time it has to promote support and comfort as well.
Another important aspect is the shoes. Your shoes need to be supportive and specific to the activity that you intend to do. For ladies, workout bras are equally important. Workout bras must have features such as adjustable straps and breathable fabrics.

Ladies, No Makeup please! Makeup will clog your pores when you sweat.So forgo any makeup and jewelry since jewelry will get in your way.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Stay Healthy And Slim Always

Stay Healthy and Slim
To begin with, not many people stay healthy till ripe old age.Most of them are down with certain diseases by age 40+. So how to stay healthy and slim always?
2 things to consider:
1.Diet Modification and
2.Portion Control.
For your information, these are not 'dieting'!Dieting do not last long since you have to make too many inconvenient sacrifices.
Diet Modification:
If you follow Diet Modification, you can still eat the food that you love and manage to maintain your ideal weight.Examples:
1.Eat low serving of carbohydrates with your last meal so that your body burns fat while you are sleeping.
2.Try using 'yo-yo'method of eating: eat more if your level of activity is high and eat less if your level of activity is low.
3.Try eating small meal but make it frequent...3-5 times per day.In this way, your body will not store the excess fat and you will increase your metabolic rate at the same time.
Portion Control:
Actually you can eat anything as long as the portion is small.This is the best technique to use for weight loss.If you are used to eating big portion in the past, try to change it.It is difficult to start but you will be happy once you have managed to use this method to stabilize your weight.
1.Eat half of your normal portion or share with your friend
2.Stop eating when comfortably full(80% full)
3.Eat ONLY when you are hungry.
Foundation for healthy lifestyle is based on good/healthy eating habits and your ability to control your food intake portion. At the same time, Age, Height and Muscle Mass index are important factors to consider if you want to maintain a good/healthy body.So try switching to Diet Modification and Portion Control for a healthier and better YOU!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Want to look and feel good?

If you don't look good (on the outside),you definitely don't feel good (on the inside).Looking and feeling good can boost your self confidence.There is one sure way for you to look and feel good....that is by doing daily exercise!
By doing daily exercise you can feel better(full of confidence),have more energy and perhaps live longer.You should make an effort to do exercise regardless of age,sex or physical ability.If possible try to combine aerobic exercises( e.g. running,dancing,walking etc.) with weight-bearing and endurance exercises.
Weight-bearing and endurance exercises can help you to get better bone density. Maintenance of bone health can reduce one's chances of developing osteoporosis in later life.
Benefits of Daily Exercises:
1.Controls Weight
2.Improves mood
3.Combats health condition and diseases
4.Boosts energy level
5.Promotes better sleep
6.Maintains good bone density.
However, doing exercise should not be a burden to you,rather it should be an enjoyable experience so that you will continue doing it effortlessly into the future.