Friday, November 26, 2010

Why do you need Zinc

Zinc is important for your body:
1.Zinc helps to build a healthy immune system
2.Zinc helps in the production of 100 enzymes in your body.
3.Zinc maintains your senses of smell and taste.
4.Zinc helps in Skin Treatment:
a.Useful in treating acne and pimples.
b.Keeps the skin smooth and supples.
c.Assists the body to normalise the amount of oil on the skin.
5.Zinc promotes the synthesis of collagen.(element of wound healing)
6.Zinc assists in losing your weight and controls your appetite making it easier for a person on a diet.
7.Zinc assists in proper growth of fetus (in pregnant ladies)
8.Zinc helps in relieving from chronic fatigue.
Most protein-rich foods are high in zinc.Examples are beef, lamb,turkey, chicken, lobster and salmon.For non-meat food, pumpkin seeds offer the most concentrated sources of zinc. Others include peanuts,beans,yogurt,almonds and avocados.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Foundation Garments Aid Good Posture pt. 2

A Foundation Garment should fit your way of living as well as your body:
If you do strenuous work, stand for long periods, walk a great deal, lift and bend, you will want a garment that supports the back and abdominal muscles, but which will allow plenty of freedom.
If you sit a good part of the day, you will need a garment that is comfortable, gives firm control through the hip and thigh region, and molds the figure into smooth lines.
There are Two types of flesh...soft flesh and firm flesh.
Soft flesh can be more easily controlled and distributed than firm flesh. The woman with soft flesh may require a smaller garment than her measurements indicate in order to give the control and support that her figure needs.
The figure with firm flesh can wear a garment with more resiliency. A foundation garment should control but never constrict.
Good Foundation Garment helps support bust, back and hip.Imagine putting your cake mix...without the mould...into the oven. The baked cake will spread everywhere! The same goes with the food that we eat, we have to put our body in a mould (the foundation garments) so that our body stays in the proportionate mould as intended.
Using a good Foundation Garment will give you the most satisfaction in comfort, health, as well as beauty.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Foundation Garments Aid good Posture

Foundation garments cannot perform miracles, regardless of the claims made for it. BUT, it can aid good posture, mold and control the flesh, and give a smooth body line.The modern active woman demands that foundation garments be comfortable, yet support and enhance her figure. Care in the selection of such a garment will help you to achieve these results, and you will get the most for your money.
Even the lightest of foundation garments serves as a reminder to stand tall, and therefore helps maintain good posture. As muscles sag, and muscle tone of the body is lost, a firmer support may be needed.
Why do you need a good Foundation Garment?
Aids in good posture.....leads to a young looking figure for life
2.appears slimmer and shapelier
3.creates an impression of vitality, confidence and attractiveness.The way you carry and move your body influences your body shape.The effect is slow but steady, and over time it can work for you or against you, depending on whether you have good posture and stand up straight, or bad posture and slouch.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Taking care of your breasts!

Many women go to great lengths inorder to have firm and beautiful breasts.This is because,the female breast is a symbol of beauty and feminity.The breast is made up of fat, milk ducts and the underlying pectoral muscle.As a result, breasts are easily subjected to gravity pull,the heavier the breast, the more likely that it will sag!
Ways to maintain beautiful breasts:
1.Wear full support bras whenever you are engaged in physical activities.
2.Massage your breasts with moisturiser inorder to have smooth and to maintain elasticity of the skin.By doing this, you are also helping in blood circulation.
3.Use lightweight dumbbells to tone and condition the pectoral muscles.
4.Try to stand up and sit up straight always.
5.Avoid weight fluctuations as this will cause shrinking and stretching of your skin.
6.Drink 6-8 glasses of water everyday to keep your body hydrated. With water your skin will look moisturised and supple.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Barley Drink.....Health Drink

Barley grains are rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, which are essentials for our health. Most importantly, barley is one of the richest sources of both soluble and insoluble fiber.
1. Helps in cell repair and production (because it contains phosphorous, and can also aid in healing tissue injuries on the body.)
2. Reduces Cholesterol
3. Intestinal Protection
4. Protects against Diabetes and Heart Disease.(barley contains high amount of magnesium, thus react with enzyme in the body and leads to lowering of glucose level in the body)
5. Helps in Constipation
6. Helps to fight and prevent cancerous growths(this is because of antioxidant properties of the barley water)
7. Aids in Digestion
8. Cools down body heat
9. Helps detoxify body. (contains chlorophyll)
10. Barley water was believed by ancient civilizations to be a good remedy to fair up skin complexions and prevent the signs of aging such as wrinkles.
11. Proves very beneficial in the case of kidney, bladder and urinary stones and even curing urinary infections. It can be given with coconut water.
Modern science has also identified many uses of barley and recommends it to be used daily to improve general health.However, it is recommended that barley drink be made fresh from your own kitchen instead of buying the ready canned/bottled barley. This is because canned/bottled barley has more sugar content that surely defeat the purpose of having healthy drink!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tights That Burn Your Calories !

GE Keep Fit Tights is made of special computerised knitting with nano-silver germanium.Germanium (GE 32) is known as an element of semi-conductor. When body temperature reaches 32 degrees Celsius, it releases anion (negative ion) which works on human body as bio-currents.
Benefits of Germanium:
1.Boosts oxygen in the body
2.Expels harmful toxins
3.Activates our body metabolism
4.Burns our calories
5.Improves blood circulation
6.Prevents skin diseases.
Benefits of GE Keep Fit Tights:
1.It lifts your hips
2.It shapes as well as slims your thigh and calf effectively.
3.This tights Burn up to 396kcal in 60 minutes walking!
4.Flatten the tummy instantly and effectively
5.Knee Cap is supported by the unique pressurised knitting.
N.B.No pressure on waist...Made of comfortable micro fibre.
End results....a slender and slimmer YOU!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Facial Peeling

Facial Peeling is helpful for those individuals with facial blemishes, wrinkles,acne scars , uneven skin tone and pigmentation.Alphahydroxy acids (Aha), such as glycolic, lactic, or fruit acids(e.g. Coconut acid also known as lauric acid) are the mildest of the peel formulas and produce light peels.However, some skin care uses this formula for a better looking skin.This is a very slow and steady process but produces good results.
What Happens During Treatment?
Nothing actually ‘peels off’ during a facial peel. A chemical solution is applied to the face,(in some cases, the toner) and works by dissolving the upper layers of the skin. As the tissue is dissolved, a wound is created on the skin which stimulates the body's healing response, causing new tissue to emerge.
Ageing Of The Facial Skin
Skin ages as we expose it to more and more sun. The more sun our face receives, the more we see fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, age and brown spots and enlarged pores. When skin is protected from the sun (think of your upper thighs or buttocks), the skin is relatively wrinkle-free and younger looking than the face. As the sun does more damage to the facial skin, the skin begins to look older and less healthy.This is where Facial Peeling comes in by helping to restore this damaged skin through the forced creation of new tissue. However,this new (tissue) skin has to be protected from the ultra-violet rays by using sunscreen or sunblock cream.
Facial Peeling is normally done for cosmetic reasons enhance your appearance as well as boost up your self confidence.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Healthy and Glowing Complexion

To obtain healthy glowing skin, no need to resort to expensive creams, lotions or beauty treatments. You just have to incorporate healthy foods in your diet for healthy and glowing skin.These foods contain vitamins which required for a healthy face and lead to a beautiful complexion from the inside out.
Best/Healthy food:
1.Vitamin C
It helps to maintain collagen which acts as a supporting structure for the skin. Good sources include citrus fruits and vegetables like orange, lime, lemon, guava, Indian gooseberry, strawberries and green and red peppers.
2.Vitamin A
It helps to maintain healthy tissues of the skin. Milk, egg yolk and oysters are good sources of it. Beta carotene is the active form of vitamin A that accumulates in the skin and provides protection against sun damage. Rich source of this carotenoid includes carrots, papaya, mango, spinach, sweet potato, broccoli, watermelon and tomatoes.
3.Vitamin E
It acts as antioxidant and helps to slow down the ageing process. Almonds, leafy vegetables, salmon, lean meat, legumes and safflower oil are good sources of this vitamin.
4.B-Complex Vitamin
Good sources of vitamin B-complex include meat, poultry, whole grains, banana, fish, eggs, brewers yeast and peanut butter.
5.Selenium and zinc Vitamin
Oyster is rich in both zinc and selenium. Seafood, soybeans, mushrooms, wheat germ and whole grains are other sources of selenium and zinc.
On top of all these good food, we need to drink 6-8 glasses of water everyday inorder to flush out the toxin from the system.

What is CoEnzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

Quoting a cardiologist, "If there is just one thing you do to help maintain your heart's health, make sure you're taking CoQ-10 daily." CoQ10 plays a large role in the absorption and use of oxygen by your body's cells.
CoQ10 exists in every cell, organ, and tissue of the body. Our lives depend on CoQ10 for survival. Without it, we cease to live. However, our bodies contain such a limited amount, and we inevitably exhaust its supply simply through everyday living. Stress, illness, exercise, and natural aging significantly deprive the body of necessary CoQ10. With age, our bodies witness gradual decline of this indispensable chemical. Furthermore, our bodies fail to reproduce it, and hence require other means of access.
Real Benefits of Taking CoQ10:
1.It enhances the immune system
2.It might indeed be the 'Fountain Of Youth'
3.It is great for the heart - improving the ability of it to pump more blood.
4.Increases the energy level.
5.Helps in gum diseases.
6.Increases collagen and elastin in the skin, and help repair damaged skin cells.
Why CoQ10 might be the Fountain Of Youth?
In most cases, CoQ10 levels begin to drop after age 30, leaving the body more vulnerable to free radical damage. Studies have shown that CoQ10 supplements may help increase collagen and elastin in the skin, and help repair damaged skin cells. CoQ10 is an ingredient in many skincare creams that claim to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and protect the skin from aging. CoQ10 may be more effective than other topical vitamin treatments because it is a small molecule that can relatively easily penetrate into skin cells.
CoQ10 should be taken everyday as a supplement. Taking 30mg will be sufficient. The dosage can be increased as and when required.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

No Body Is Perfect

No Body Is Perfect! Well, that is for sure!However, never ever compare yourself to pictures of perfect models or actresses!
If you happen to see these actresses and top models without their make-up, they are just ordinary people like you and me.The things that separates we earthlings and them are the perfect hands of talented make-up artists(that they are lucky enough to have) and with the illusive effect of computer programs.
Try to be yourself.Look into the mirror and say "I AM WHO I AM". You have to be yourself and show to the world your unique natural beauty. Once you have the self-confidence, you can easily become a magnet to those around you!You do not have to be beautiful, just be yourself!You can make the most of the looks you already have by bringing out your own unique natural beauty.
"Sex appeal is fifty percent of what you've got and fifty percent of what people think you've got." Beauty Quote by Sophia Loren.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Elephant Thighs.......Muscles are hidden beneath the Fat!!!

Two things that we can do to reduce or eliminate elephant thighs:
1.Cut down on your calories consumptions to 1500 or less BUT nothing less than 1200.Eat more fruits and green leafy vegetables.As we age, we should go slow on carbo and more on proteins and veges.
2.Do exercises:
These exercises can be done as and when you are free, no need to wait till you are really doing the whole routine.
However,there is no such thing as spot reduction! Once you cut your calories, your weight will go down and once you do these exercises, your thighs will get firmed up. Try it!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Papaya was the only studied food found to halt breasts cancer!
.Scientists studied 14 plant foods commonly consumed in Mexico to determine their ability to halt breast cancer cell growth. These included avocado, guava, mango, pineapple, grapes, tomato, and papaya. They also evaluated beta-carotene, total plant phenolics, and garlic acid contents and antioxidant capacity. They found that only papaya had a significant effect on stopping breast cancer cell growth. (International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition, May)Papaya is a store-house of cancer fighting lycopene.
The intense orange-pink colour of papaya means it is chock full of cancer fighting carotenoids. Not only beta carotene, but lycopene is found in abundance. The construction of lycopene makes it highly reactive toward oxygen and free radicals.
Scientists at the University of Illinois think this anti-oxidant activity contributes to its effectiveness as a cancer fighting agent.
Prostate cancer was the subject of a study in Australia that looked at 130 prostate cancer patients and 274 hospitalized controls. The scientists found that men who consumed the most lycopene-rich fruits and vegetables such as papaya were 82% less likely to have prostate cancer. ( Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 2007).
Isothiocyanates found in papaya restore the cell cycle to eliminate cancer cells.
Enzymes from papaya digest proteins including those that protect tumors.
Eating papaya after a meal promotes digestion, and helps prevent bloating, gas production, and indigestion. It is quite helpful after antibiotic use to replenish friendly intestinal bacteria that were the casualties in the war against the unwanted bacteria. When the intestinal tract is well populated with friendly bacteria, the immune system is strengthened, and can better protect against flu and cancer.
So ladies/gentlemen, why not we try to take a slice of papaya everyday after our meal, it really helps us in the fight against cancer (breasts as well as prostate).

Tabita leaflet

Friday, October 1, 2010

Swiftlet Skin Care

Recently Bird's Nest is being used as part of beauty treatment.
The Swiftlet Skin Care contain:
60% made up of swiftlet saliva (the gummy substance that swiftlets use to build their nests)
40% mixture of Derma white, Bengkuang Extract,Vitamin C, Vitamin E, UV-A & UV-B.
Excellent for Regenerating of Cells and able to combat against:
1.Pimples & acne
4.Open pores
5.Uneven skin tone
6.Rough skin surface
8.Control the excessive oil secretion.
The cream is able to:
1.fight against free radicals,
2.protect the skin against sunlight and
3. At the same time provide nutrition to the skin cells.(Regenerate the cells)
Advantages as compared to other products:
Faster way to combat problematic skin
Agreeable for all skin type
Effective in removing dead cells, and controlling of sebum productions.

Package :
Day cream
Night cream
Calming cream ( this is not inclusive in the package, have to buy separately for anti-irritation, redness and anti- allergy)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bird's Nests

Up until now, scientific research has continuously proven the fact that bird's nest contains plenty of natural nutrients and mineral such as glycoprotein, calcium, iron, phosphorous, iodine and vitamins, all of which can be absorbed easily by human.
Many informations have been gathered regarding bird's nests.Bird's nest is an excellent restorative food with a sweet and calm character; it is good for any age or gender
Ladies: Frequent consumption result in fairer skin, helps to stay young and look radiant.
Pregnant Women: Consumption during pregnancy will improve immune functions of the fetus and the mothers will be able to recover easily after giving birth.
Elders: Clears phlegm, strengthen lungs and kidneys, improves spleen as well as enhances appetite.
Children: Enhances immune ability, not inclined to get colds or flu
Men: Improves kidney and strengthens lungs, so not inclined to get weak.
However,recently bird's nests have been used for beauty treatment as well.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Do You Want To Be Fairer ?

There is a Chinese saying:
'One just need to be white to cover three times of ugliness'.
This Chinese saying is quite true. If you are observant enough, the next time you are out on the street, please observe those darked skin people.To be honest, you have to really look to finally admit that so and so is really beautiful, except that she/he is too dark for people to notice that she/he is beautiful or even good looking!!!
It may sound a shock to Westerners, but it is true that people in Asia have a huge craze for a fairer skin or complexion. However, this craze or idea of being fair is being capitalised by cosmetic companies. These fairness cream business is a multi-million dollar business in Asia.
What makes the colour of skin fair or dark?
Our skin colour is largely due to genetics and it cannot be altered just by applying some external cream.There is a dark brown pigment in our skin called 'melanin' which causes our skin to become light or dark. People with less melanin appear fairer.
Want a Fairer Skin?
1.Drink plenty of water (8 glasses a day)as it hydrates your skin and helps to reverse damage
2.Minimize sun exposure (avoid exposing your skin to the sun between 10am-4pm)
3.Use sunblock cream with SPF20 or higher
4.Use good skin care products that help to remove dead cells
5.Take a handful of almonds everyday...good source of Vit.E for better complexion.
6.Take Vitamin C supplement.
However, to get a fairer skin, you have to keep your skin clean!Applying lemon juice and tomato pulp every morning is good in making your skin bright and glowing. So Ladies,whatever it is, Beauty is still in the Eye of the Beholder! and Love is Blind!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010


What is Glutathione?
Glutathione is a substance naturally produced by the human body through the synthesis of certain amino acids in the liver. It is also used by virtually every cell of the body to neutralize toxins.
In Asia, Glutathione is considered as Skin Whitening Agent.This is because SKIN WHITENING is the "SIDE-EFFECT" of Glutathione. Many ladies take Glutathione with the hope of getting fairer skin.However, you need to take Vitamin C when taking Glutathione.
• Why do you need Vitamin C when taking Glutathione?
"Blood Glutathione levels rose nearly 50% in healthy individuals taking 500mg of Vitamin C. Vitamin C raises glutathione by helping the body manufacture it & at the same time prevent it from being oxidized." Lipoic acid also helps increase glutathione levels.
- Dr. Murray’s 7/30/2003
"Glutathione is too large a molecule to effectively pass through the intestine into cells, so supplementing with glutathione alone is not helpful. But when taken with Vitamin C, which protects it from oxidative damage, Glutathione becomes effective."
- Monika Klein, C.N., Malibu, California
So when you want to buy Glutathione, please make sure that it comes with Vitamin C and Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)as well.This is because “Lipoic Acid is the only antioxidant that can boost the level of intracellular glutathione, a cellular antioxidant of tremendous importance.”
In Asia, oral glutathione is also referred to as skin whitening capsule, whitening pill, bleaching pill, or skin whitener that were proven to be very safe and effective.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

GH-9 Honey (100% Plant-based)

Why do we age?
Ageing occurs over time when the rate of cell degeneration gradually exceeds the rate of rejuvenation and regeneration.Continuous cell degeneration leads to tissue deterioration, organ failures and eventually , fatality.
How do we reverse the ageing process?
For years vigorous studies have been conducted on Human Growth Hormone (HGH). Using Human Growth Hormone is considered as as one of the most effective methods in maintaining the youth of individuals and reversing the ageing process.
Human Growth Hormone:
1.Helps in cell rejuvenation, healing and repair.
2.Stimulates bone growth.
3.Induces cell immune function
4.Induces bacteria fighting capacity
5.It helps to play an important role in cardiovascular health.
GH-9 Honey stimulates the pituitary gland in the human body to release our own natural HGH at optimum levels!!!

Factors Affecting your Skin

Two Factors Affecting Your Skin:
External Factor:
1.The Sun (UV rays)
2.The Gravity
3.Facial Expressions
4.Sleeping Position.
Internal Factor:Wrong food Habits.
What you eat will affect the moisture, youthful appearance and health of your skin.Suggestions of Good Food:
1.Eat a handful of almonds everyday. Almonds contain the same levels of flavonoid antioxidants found in green tea or broccoli. They will aid in fighting the effects of aging and will protect your skin from ultraviolet rays.
2.Add berries to your diet, such as strawberries, blueberries and bilberries. They all contain antioxidants.
3.Eat fish. Salmon and tuna are rich in good fat and selenium.
4.Drink low fat milk. It is a very good source of Vitamin A.
5.Drink green tea in the afternoon. Green tea contains polyphenols, which act as an antioxidant to protect your cells from harm.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Stretching - A Pain Relief Excersice !

Back pain or knee pain can really make you feel old and useless!!!However these problems could easily be fixed by doing simple stretching excersice. This may sound odd to some people, what could stretching a muscle do for a knee or back pain? Well, plenty my friend!For example, if you gently stretch the leg muscles, you relieve the tension on the knee cap allowing for proper tracking. However you have to be patient and consistent with your stretching exercise. You cannot expect your muscles to loosen up just by doing a few stretches. You have to do it regularly like stretching a few times a day.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Tabita - Kenapa ianya sesuai juga untuk Lelaki?

Lelaki mempunyai kulit wajah yang agak berbeza dari wanita:
1.Kulit wajah Lelaki lebih tebal dari wanita.Di sebabkan ini, lelaki dapat bertahan dari pencemaran alam dan pancaran matahari. Ini penyebab utama kenapa wanita lebih cepat tua dari lelaki.
2.Sebaceous glands (saluran minyak)pada lelaki lebih kecil tapi lebih aktif.Ini perlu dibersihkan dengan teliti.
Tabita pada umumnya adalah produk yang diformulasikan khusus untuk kaum hawa. Tetapi, tidak salah kalau kita berikan juga pada kaum adam.
1.Facial Soapnya sesuai untuk membersihkan sampai kedalam pori-pori (deep cleansing quality).
2.Smooth Lotionnya mampu membersih dan menanggalkan sisa sabun yang tertinggal dimuka.
3. Day Creamnya begitu bagus(light) hingga tidak terasa ianya berada dimuka kita. Day cream juga dapat melindungi kulit dari pancaran matahari.
4.Night cream juga begitu, mampu membersih dan mencerahkan wajah dan tidak terlalu meleket.
5.Dengan penjagaan kulit Tabita, tidak perlu ke salon lagi.
Tabita memang sesuai untuk semua tak kira umur atau pun gender. Sekarang ramai lelaki yang mahukan kulit muka yang bersih serta cerah. Lelaki yang berwajah cerah dan bersih mampu mencuri perhatian sesiapa aje! Apa lagi jika ianya berbadan tegap dan tampan, mempunyai wajah yang bersih dan cerah akan menjadi pelengkap!!!.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tabita - Phases that you will go through

What really happens when you started using Tabita:
(1st - 7th) day...You will feel itchy, your face feel taught, at times your complexion looks darker than normal and some experience redness. Do not panic, as these phases are normal at the initial stage of using Tabita.
(10th - 20th)day...some will experience the renewal of the skin by having pinkish and uneven skin tone.
N.B. At this stage,you are not supposed to scratch,this might cause skin abrasions.
After the 4th and 5th week, you will find that your skin will feel and look much better. The pores will be smaller, face becomes fairer and smoother.Those with pimples however can expect their pimples to subside and the healing process of the scars begin.Slowly but surely, the face will be transformed into a beautiful, smooth and almost pinkish complexion.
The natural ingredients like Vitamin A/C/E helps to repair and heal the skin and eleminate the scars. Japanese papaya extract also makes the skin fairer and Collagen helps to firm up the skin. Tabita also uses Pearl Powder to make the complexion fairer and at the same time firm it up.
N.B>: Daily cream is to be used all day whenever you go out under the sun as this is a treatment as well as sunblock cream.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Tabita - Special Cream

Tabita skin care has another very popular product, Special Cream.This cream is only for those that have used Tabita skin care for three months or more.The reason being that during the first three months,the skin is still being treated and neutralised by Tabita.
This Special Cream is recommended for those aged thirty-five and above as an anti-ageing remedy.It helps to firm up, maintain the moisture level and control the elasticity of your skin.
Suggested Usage: twice a week (replacing the night cream).

Tabita - New Packaging

Tabita skin care has new packaging now.
For Regular set,Day cream and Night cream bottles are different.The logo on the caps are embossed.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Testimonials On Tabita

These are Testimonials on Tabita from satisfied people.

(Ria)I used to have pimples and I have a very sensitive skin with pimple marks and holes.
BUT, since I started using Tabita, my oily face is no more, holes are shallow and almost gone now, and leaving a very fresh, fairer and even skin tone.
To me,Tabita is 'unique'. Tabita (with its natural ingredients) will somehow neutralize your skin and makes it normal again.All the ingredients in Tabita are natural and without Hydroquinon!.......
(Sofea)Tabita somehow managed to make my complexion looks flawless! It is really a miracle product!
(CL Lim)Scared to try at first, but thank God that I have tried it! Now I cannot live without it!
(Janet)My face looks better and better each day! Really happy with this product.
(JL Tan)Very happy with this product. I do not have to put on any foundation and look younger now(commented my Tabita!
Ibu rita
Awal muka nya berjerawat merah, dia sudah menggunakan berbagai macam produk perawatan muka,setelah pemakaian satu bulan Paket Tabita skincare ,jerawat mengering, sedikit demi sedikit mulai menghilang, saat ini sedang proses menghilangkan bekas jerawat yang hitam.
Ibu siti_jakarta
Awal muka halus, belum pernah menggunakan paket perawatan sama sekali, setelah pemakain 1 minggu keluar jerawat, disebebkan dalam kulit mukanya kotor, setelah pemakaian 1.5 bulan kulit kembali halus dan jerawat sudah tidak ada lagi.
Jika sudah pernah menggunakan perawatan maka muka biasanya, tidak panas. Atau perih.
Ibu rosa.
Setelah menggunakan Tabita 3 minggu, sudah mendapatkan hasil, tanpa melalui proses pengeluaran jerawat, panas, atau perih.

Tabita - Unique And Effective Skin Care

Tabita : Origin.....JAPAN
uses only natural ingredients and without hydroquinon!
uses Japanese Papaya Extract, Pearl Powder, Green Tea, Collagen and Vitamin C&E.
1.Rejuvenates the cells (Result: Your skin looking younger and firmer)
2.Removes scars and pimple's mark.Result:(Even out your skin tone and have glowing/fresh complexion)
3.Makes the skin clearer and fairer.Result:(Your skin will be fresh and fairer)
4.Neutralises the skin.Result:(Oily skin will be normalized and dry skin will be much better)
5.Treats pimples.Results:(Pimples will disappear slowly but surely)
Tabita Set:
1.Facial Soap
2.Smooth Lotion(Toner)
3.Day Cream
4.Night Cream
N.B.Use Tabita only 2x a day (morning and night)
DISCLAIMER: Visible results after using product varies for each user, depending on various conditions.

Moisturizer.....Why do you have to use it?

Moisturizers are basically just oil. You spread them on your skin and it hinders the loss of water through your skin, reasons being:
oil floats on water, oil does not evaporate easily,and water stays trapped between your skin and the oil,and therefore your skin gets to be moisturised! Thats all!. Moisturizing creams do not actually ADD moisture to your skin, but they do hinder the loss.
Moisturizing your face keeps the oil levels in your skin regulated.
Do you need to moisturize your face if you have pimples?
Usually people with oily/acne prone skin tend to use deep cleansing/acne products and wash their face daily to keep the oil under control.However,this process dries out their faces and they do not moisturize because they think it will just make their skin more oily. In reality, the skin will sense the drop in essential oil the face needs to keep hydrated , and this signals the skin to produce more oil to replenish the essential oils which leads to excess oil on the face.So when you moisturize your skin,it keeps the skin from producing excess oil.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Detox For Inner Glow !

You can look radiance and glowing if you detox regularly.A healthy body is a body with less toxins and when that happens, your face will glow with radiance!
Today with more toxins in the environment than ever, "it's critical to detox" says Linda Page, N.D.,Ph.D.,The Author of Detoxification.
You need to detox if you have:
1.Unexplained fatigue
2.Irritated skin (allergies)
3.Bags under your eyes
4.Menstrual difficulties
5.Bloatted tummy, event if the rest of your body is thin or
6.Mental confusion.
Where To Begin:
1.Do away with coffee, tea, alcohol,cigarettes,refined sugars and saturated fats, all of which acts as toxin in your body and are hindrances to your healing process.
2.Minimize the use of chemical-based products(household cleaners)
3.Use herbal-based health care products(shampoo,tooth paste etc).
Ways To Detoxify Your Body:
Drink plenty of water.
Eat Plenty Of Fiber.
Take vitamin C, which helps the body produce glutathione, a liver compound that drives away toxins.
Breathe deeply to allow oxygen to circulate more completely through your system.
Sweat in a sauna so your body can eliminate wastes through perspiration.
Use Detox Patches.
Exercise regularly.
"Detoxification works because it addresses the needs of individual cells, the smallest units of human life," says Bennett.(Peter Bennett, N.D., medical director of Helios Clinic in Victoria, B.C.)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Special Offer !!! Slimming Sauna Belt

Have you ever heard of Sauna Slimming Belt? This fabulous belt really can shed your fat off. It can be placed on your tummy, waist, back and hips. Its main characteristics are:
1. Far-Infrared Life Effect... Speeds up fat burning and burns calories quickly.
2. Accelerate blood circulation for youthful vigour and relaxes your body system.
3.Naval Heat Therapy...this sauna belt speeds up stomach peristalsis and improve digestion.
Package Includes:
Packing Box
Digital Sauna Belt
Instruction manual
Free Tape Measure
Price:RM88.00 per set

Friday, July 9, 2010

Clear Toxin Fast & Effective !!!

N.B.Pic. on your left shows the used Detox patches(toxin) and body fat.

It is widely known that the waste products(toxins) accumulated from the food we eat and the polluted air we breathe in contribute to many health problems to our body. When the waste products in our body reaches an excessive level, they can cause fatigue, lethargy, restlessness or other health problems.
There are various methods to clear the build up of these waste products(toxins) in our body; including
2. dieting
3. sweat out in a sauna
4. regular physical exercise or even
5. colon-cleansing.
But now you can easily use Detox Patches.However,the question that most of us will ask is, Why place the patches on the soles of your feet? To understand the reason, please read this:
In basic Chinese Medical theory, the soles of the feet is also known as "The Second Heart", which means it is the focal point for important parts of the body, especially blood circulation.
Based on this theory, detox body patches are primarily used on the soles of the feet because by applying the detox body patches to this area, you expel harmful toxins from the whole body.
Price:RM3.00/USD1 per set (2 sachets/1sets)
DISCLAIMER: Visible results after using product varies for each user, depending on various conditions.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Young And Carefree !!!

No one on this earth wants to look OLD! All of us want to look young and beautiful, however there is no need to go under the knife! What you need to do is to inculcate few tricks in your daily routine:
1.Get to drink 8 glasses of water everyday
2.Out in the sun with sunscreen lotion
3.Lipstick colour must NOT be red and brown....stick to beige and pink
4.Hairstyle should be nice with carefree look
5.Not to overdo with Eyebrows outlining
6.Maintain a proper and confident posture( this can even make you look slimmer!)
7.Try to get a young fragrance by having floral scents
8. Sleeping pattern of 7-8 hours help you look young and fresh!
9.Daily routine:Cleansing, toning, moisturising and nourishing your skin is a must!
10.Try to stay slim: No processed food and food with MSG.No crash diet either! Eat in small portion
11.Be active and do light exercise always.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Have you ever heard crunching sound of your bone???

Well,that is the sound of your bone rubbing against each other!This is the warning sign of OSTEOARTHRITIS!Another indication is the stiffness in joints after getting out of bed in the morning and after sitting for a long time.
How to control:
1.Take supplements( Glucosamine, Vitamin A&C ).These Vitamins induce cartilage formation.
2.Keep a healthy body weight
3.Achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Pomegranate "The Jewel of Winter."

Pomegranate season is from September to February in the Northern Hemisphere. This has earned it the nickname "The Jewel of Winter."
Several recent studies have shown significant potential health benefits from drinking Pomegranate Juice :
1.Fight Breast Cancer
2.Prevent Lung Cancer
3.Slows Prostate Cancer
4.Protects Neonatal Brain
5.Prevention of Osteoarthritis(prevent cartilage deterioration)
6.Protects the arteries
7.Lowers Cholesterol
8.Lowers Blood Pressure
9.Dental Protection
10.Alzheimer's Disease Prevention.
However Pomegranate also has been mentioned in Qur'an and Bible as one of the fruits that will grow in the gardens of Paradise!
So ladies, go out and get hold of Pomegranate Juice!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Tabita Skin Care......Unisex Skin Care

N.B. LEFT (Tabita Regular Set)
RIGHT (Tabita Exclusive Set)
Tabita is a product for All! This beauty product can be used by both male and female and even teenagers.
Tabita skin care is a product from Indonesia. It has been in the market for the past 8 years. However, this unique product has been kept a secret till recently. As a result, not many people know of the existance of Tabita (even among the Indonesians!)
Why is it that this product is so special? Well this product uses only natural ingredients and without hydroquinon! It uses Japanese Papaya Extract, Pearl Powder, Green Tea, Collagen and Vitamin C&E.
1.Rejuvenates the cells and firms up the skin.
2.Removes scars and pimple's mark.
3.Makes the skin clearer and fairer.
4.Neutralises the skin
5.Treats pimples.
Tabita Set:
1.Facial Soap
2.Smooth Lotion(Toner)
3.Day Cream
4.Night Cream
DISCLAIMER: Visible results after using product varies for each user, depending on various conditions.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Tips For A Beautiful Skin!

Here are Quick Tips for a glowing skin:

1. Use a GOOD sunscreen to protect from the harmful UV rays
2. Eating healthy food: it will benefit inside and out
3. remember to have an annual check-up: check with your Family Physician the ones that you should not neglect based on your age, gender and life style
4. Workout: you can immediately feel the benefits of a good workout: the skin glows after a little sweat
5. Hydrate well - drink more water (juices, decaffeinated teas, etc.) especially if you drink coffee. Remember each cup of coffee that you drink, you need to replace it with 10 glasses of water!!!
5 Top Food For Skin:
1.Colourful veges.Rich in antioxidant which is converted into Vitamin A in the body and helping the body in growth and tissue.
2.Berries/Pomegranates. Both help in healthier and more beautiful skin.
3.Almonds/Sunflower seeds.Skin need to retain water to be soft and supple. Vitamin E in almonds and sunflower seeds will do just that!
4.Omega 3. You can easily get this in salmons and avocados.
5.Spinach/Broccoli, the darker the better!
NO TO SUGAR!!!Sugar attacks the elastin in our skin cells, the protein that allows our skin to bounce back. A decrease in elastin will lead to (and I hate to say it) saggy and wrinkly skin well before we are due for it.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Almonds.....king of all nuts!!!

Benefits of ALMONDS:
1.For HEART- The monounsaturated fat in almonds is a healthy fat. Eating Almonds Help in reducing the bad cholesterol in the body.The protein content is comparable to average egg and it is essential for protection of muscles of the heart.
2.For ENERGY- Two minerals found in Almonds...Copper and Manganese.
3.For BEAUTY-Great source of Vit.E, biotin, calcium and iron. So almonds help you to stay healthy and young.
4.For Protection against Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease.
The American researchers found that almonds (a handful a day)help to decrease the bad cholesterol level in the body!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Foods that help Regeneration and Anti-Ageing

Your body is your friend! Take good care of your body then your body will take care of you.There are many foods out there that can either degenerate or regenerate your cells.
Foods that help Regeneration and Anti-Ageing:
* RAW nuts, seeds, soaked and sprouted grains
* Almonds, especially if they have been soaked in water for 24 hours ('sprouted')
* Fruit and vegetables especially sprouts
* Green leafy vegetables
* Beans that have been soaked for 8 hours. (That is, 'sprouted'. This makes them alkaline)
* Brown rice that has been soaked for 22 hours. This makes it alkaline
* Organic Cottage cheese and yogurt. They are alkalline. The bacteria has changed the original milk.
* Seeds
* Bee Pollen (not for everyone-some are allergic to pollen from some areas)
* Spirulina
* Seaweed
* Wheatgrass juice
* Barley greens
* Aloe vera
* Antioxidants (eg vitamin C, vitamin E, pycnogenols, coenzyme Q10)
* Olive oil
* Evening primrose oil
* Foods with omega 3 fatty acids (eg flaxseed oil) and
* Foods with omega 4 & 5 fatty acids (eg evening primrose and fish oil).
* Gentle sunlight (vitamin D)
* Gentle exercise.
* A good night's sleep every night, average at least eight hours.
On top of all these, you really need WATER!
Eating the right foods can not only help you look younger, feel younger but can lengthen your life! Defeating the ageing process is really not that hard by using good sense and can be obtained through making the right, healthier food choices.

Foods that cause Degeneration and Ageing

Many of us are not aware that the food that we consume can cause Degeneration. We should try to avoid certain food to stop Degeneration.Below are examples of foods that can cause Degeneration and Ageing.
# High levels of carbohydrate
# Sugar
# Milk (especially homogenized milk) and cheese
# Caffeine - Including Tea, Coffee, chocolate, cola, chuppa chups
# Chocolate (it contains dangerous levels of lead!)
# Cigarettes
# White flour
# Microwaved food
# Chemicals such as flouride (which is a rat poison)
# Artificial sweeteners
# Alcohol
# Processed foods
# Artificial Colorings
# Monosodium glutamate (MSG)
# Preserved meat
# Moderate to high levels of meat
# Meat from animals on unnatural diets (eg pork)
# Margarine
# Vegetable oil
# Canola oil
# Hydrogenated oils
# Deep fried foods
# Chips / French fries
# Soy products other than soy sauce, miso and tofu (eg soy milk & soy oil)
# Meat and eggs raised by `normal' methods which have many toxins and hormones.
# Seafood which are garbage eaters (eg oysters)
# Foods with high levels of mercury. This includes most fish, such as tuna.
# Aluminium. Especially from aluminium cookware.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Staying In Shape.............

How do you stay in shape?
A regular exercise programme aimed at staying 'in shape'is a must if you want to be in shape. Being in shape means that one has built up gradually to that point where exercise becomes effortless. If you stop doing exercise after attaining a state of 'in shapeness', you will gradually decline to a state of 'out of shapeness'!!! Cardio-Vascular health and muscle strength are very important.If you want to achieve this result, you have to include weight lifting in your exercise routine besides running, walking, swimming etc.The Ageing process is in fact the gradual decline of being 'in shapeness'. Your body will either Degenerate (in response to lack of exercise and not eating nutritional food) or Regenerate (in response to exercise and eating good nutritional food).
Human body is made up of living cells.Each cell needs proper food to keep it strong.Cells die and replace themselves at various intervals. When cell replaces itself with a weaker cell,this is what is known as Degeneration.This happens when the cell could not get nutritional foods.
Another term is Regeneration. This is when cell is able to replace itself with stronger and better cell. This process happens when cell is able to get good and nutritional foods.
I will explain what food usually cause Regeneration and Degeneration in my next post.