Saturday, July 16, 2011

Skin Peeling

Skin Peeling is necessary for beauty as well as for health.The accumulation of dead cells on your body is not only ugly but it gets in the way.... your skin need to breathe as well!
Your skin can look beautiful, healthy as well as fairer if you get rid of all the accumulated dead cells.If you have normal skin, you need to do peeling two to three times a week. This can be done through chemical peeling, mechanical peeling or the combination of both.
Once your dead cells have been removed, your skin looks brighter, healthier and of course fairer! In this condition, the skin becomes more vulnerable to sun light, therefore you have to moisturise as well as protect it by rubbing in the sunscreen.
Skin Peeling Benefits:
1.Improves Acne Scars
2.Improves Skin Texture
3.Reduces Effects Of Sun-damage
4.Smoothe Fine lines And Wrinkles
5.Corrects Age Spots and Pigment Problems.
There are many products available in the market for Skin Peeling. However I came across one very good Skin Peeling Product...Made in Korea. I have been using it for sometimes now and really like it!It can be sprayed on the face as well as the whole body.
How To Apply It:
Wash your face (or body) and wipe dry. Then spray a generous amount to the desired area and massage gently. This process will remove the dead cells instantly and after that just wash your face with lukewarm water. Hmmmm, now try touching your skin! OMG the skin feels smooth and of course fairer!!!