Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Calories Deficit

What do you know about calories deficit? Calories deficit is a state where your body burns more calories than it consumes. If you want this to happen, well , you have to eat less (or eat ONLY when you are hungry!). If you eat more calories than what  your body needs, that extra calories will be stored as FAT.
Losing weight is simple if you follow the calorie deficit rule. You have to burn more calories than  what you take in.
Ways to create Calories Deficit:
1. By dieting or eating less  and/or
2. By doing exercise.
For long lasting and healthier results always combine restricted diet and routine exercise programs.
Have fun!!!

New Tabita

Hi ladies, do not get cheated by using a fake Tabita that is in the market right now. It might be cheap, but, they are not the real one. Beware of the fake Tabita! The fake Tabita can spoil your skin without you knowing about it.
Tabita consists of 4 items namely :
Facial Wash
Smooth Lotion (Toner)
Day Cream
Night Cream.
Please take note that due to oxidation, the smooth lotion's bottle cover might get a bit blackish. However, do not be alarmed as this product contains  lauric acid (from coconut) so once opened it might get exposed to the air (oxygen) and so it turns blackish due to oxidation.
Tabita ,if use as directed in the leaflet, could produce a satisfactory result quite fast.The genuine Tabita do not get your face burn under the sun and do not make your face reddish. So Be Ware!!!