Thursday, June 4, 2009

Why Caroline is my choice

To begin with, I have been using quite a number of beauty products before I came across Caroline.

You might ask me, what so special about this product? Well to answer this, I have to explain why Caroline is my choice.

In the market there are so many beauty products that you could try. You might buy it because you think that it could help you with your problems namely, dry skin, pimple skin or even aged skin.

One thing special about Caroline is that it is the mixture of traditional Chinese medical science and modern technology . Caroline uses the selected good herbs from China and it is formulated in Paris.

First lets take a look at the way Caroline manage to tackle the pimple skin. To properly tackle oily/pimple skin, we need to use these 6 items namely:

1. 2 in 1 Purifying Cleanser
2. Facial Cleanser
3. Skin Astringent
4. Refining Cream
5. Rejuvenation Lotion
6. UV Cream SPF 25

1. Caroline 2 in 1 Purifying Cleanser is made from active ingredients of more than 10 rare chinese medicinal herbs. This cleanser could retain the emergence of acne or congested skin . It helps to clean the facial pores and keep your skin radiance healthy.

2. Facial Cleanser is used for a deep refreshing cleanse. It also helps to remove trapped oil,dirt and make-up leaving the skin feeling soft but not over drying your skin.

3. Skin Astringent is a mild but very effective remedy to clear up any infected areas and it also helps to tighthen the facial pores ( make it smaller).

4. Refining Cream is a special formula that helps to clear and at the same time prevent acne. This cream also helps to lighten scars and prevent skin congestion.

5. Rejuvenation Lotion is a very effective lotion in combating acne/pimples.
It helps to clear the existing acne and helps to prevent future breakouts before
they surface.

6. UV Cream SPF 25 is a lotion enriched with sunscreen agents to screen out the harmful UV rays. This will result in fairer and smoother skin.

In order for you to clear your acne/pimple problem, you need to use all the items mentioned above. If used as suggested, you could see changes within 7 days. This has been proven right by the repeat orders that we had.

The importance of drinking lots of water!!!!

Dear friends,
As we all know, 70% of our body is made of water . Water is important in our body to ensure that all systems go well.
Here are few reasons why you should drink water:
1. To give you energy
When you feel tired, thats because you are thirsty. Once you are dehydrated, this will lead to fatique, muscle weakness and dizziness.
2.Weight loss
You can actually reduce your weight by drinking lots of water as water has no calories, no fats, no sugar and no carbo. Try to replace high-calorie drinks with water.
3.Healthy heart
It has been found that drinking lots of water could actually lower the risk of heart attack!
4. Headache cure
Drinking lots of water could prevent headache and migraine .
5. Glowing skin/complexion
It has been proven that drinking lots of water help people with dull and problem skin. Water helps to flush out all the impurities in our body.
6.Digestive problem/Constipation
Again water helps to cure digestive problems. Constipation normally is the result of not taking enough water. Imagine if we go to the loo without having water in the system! How do we flush? The same goes with our body, it just need water to flush out all the impurities (toxin) .
So if you want to have a beautiful skin as well as body, drink more water.

How to make drinking water a habit?
Best way to do is to form a routine:
one glass once you get up in the morning,
one glass for each meal and drink before, between and after exercise.
Another way is to drink one glass of water for every waking hour!!!
So drink like a fish to avoid wrinkle.