Friday, June 18, 2010

Tips For A Beautiful Skin!

Here are Quick Tips for a glowing skin:

1. Use a GOOD sunscreen to protect from the harmful UV rays
2. Eating healthy food: it will benefit inside and out
3. remember to have an annual check-up: check with your Family Physician the ones that you should not neglect based on your age, gender and life style
4. Workout: you can immediately feel the benefits of a good workout: the skin glows after a little sweat
5. Hydrate well - drink more water (juices, decaffeinated teas, etc.) especially if you drink coffee. Remember each cup of coffee that you drink, you need to replace it with 10 glasses of water!!!
5 Top Food For Skin:
1.Colourful veges.Rich in antioxidant which is converted into Vitamin A in the body and helping the body in growth and tissue.
2.Berries/Pomegranates. Both help in healthier and more beautiful skin.
3.Almonds/Sunflower seeds.Skin need to retain water to be soft and supple. Vitamin E in almonds and sunflower seeds will do just that!
4.Omega 3. You can easily get this in salmons and avocados.
5.Spinach/Broccoli, the darker the better!
NO TO SUGAR!!!Sugar attacks the elastin in our skin cells, the protein that allows our skin to bounce back. A decrease in elastin will lead to (and I hate to say it) saggy and wrinkly skin well before we are due for it.

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