Saturday, October 8, 2011

Grey/Gray Hair

Hmmmm, I wonder which word is correct for me to apply to'hair'.In actual fact, both words are correct!(Thats what I found out when I googled).Both words have the same meaning, referring to colour. GREY is the British spelling and GRAY is the American spelling, thats all!!!
Are you going to be affected by grey hair? You will definitely answer 'yes' if you are a lady, and 'hmmmm no' if you are a guy. Reason behind this: Guys are more stoic (unaffected/indifferent) when it comes to 'grey hair'. However this is not the case with ladies.Ladies are more scared of grey hair since this would make them look older.
Ways To Prevent (Slowdown)GREY HAIR:
1.Blood Flow.
Blood flow in your body means blood circulation.Massage is a sure way to give your body (from head to toe) a thorough blood flow! In fact, there is no point in taking supplements and vitamins IF these supplements/vitamins have no way of reaching your scalp.So massage your scalp everyday....just 5-10 minutes will do wonders to your scalp and hair.
Exercise daily for proper blood circulation.
3.Reduce Stress
Stress can cause you more damage than you can imagine. If you lead a stress-free life, you may have grey hair only at a later stage of your life.
4.Take Supplements/Vitamins.
Supplements and Vitamins really help if you want to delay the onset of grey hair, e.g. Gingko Biloba and Spirulina.
5. Increase Protein Intake and Amino Acids.
Try your best to delay the onset of grey hair.But if you do have grey hair, do not worry about it since you can still cover it by using hair colours.Take note: Do not colour your hair too dark ,remember that our hair gets lighter as we grow older!

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