Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Why Women Wear Makeup

Despite the saying that 'men love women for who they naturel!' many experts believe that makeup worn  daily by many women worldwide, may affect their self esteem, overall performance and even ability to be hired. Makeup to a woman is :
A mood lifter
A Confidence booster
A Natural beauty enhancer.
A study by London School of Fashion students in 2009 found that 85% of women believed that wearing  makeup managed to lift their mood on a bad day. Women tend to have more self confidence when they go out wearing makeup. They normally feel happier and a lot better about themselves.
Nicolas Gueguen, a French psychologist has found evidence that men  are more attracted to 'painted' ladies. When men say that they do not like makeup, what they mean is that they do not like women with too much makeup (like war-paint) or apply it badly.
After asking guys of different age group, these are the findings:
1.Most of the time guys do not realise whether a woman is wearing makeup or not. All that they notice is that the woman is beautiful!
2.The guys only realise that a woman is wearing makeup if she over-applied or wearing it badly.
3.The 'unconscious' number of guys are attracted to 'painted' women.
Whatever the reason for the women to use makeup, the key word is moderation. Makeup can enhance the natural beauty of any woman if use in moderation. Makeup also benefits the younger and older women. Younger women may use makeup to achieve older appearance and cover some imperfections or blemishes. And older women can use certain makeup techniques to help them look younger. In todays world, society places so much emphasis on women's appearance, so it really pays to take  an interest on yourself.

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