Friday, September 11, 2009

Beauty Tips

"Zest is the secret of all beauty. There is no beauty that is attractive without zest. -Christian Dior"

Yes,'zest' is the key word here. Without zest (keen interest) there's no desire whatsoever to do anything. The same goes to taking care of your body. You need to take care of your body from head to toe. It is a daily routine .
Hair: Starts with your hair 'crowning glory'. The way you wash your hair can hinder or help your scalp, hair and style as well. Experts suggest that you should apply shampoo on completely wet hair and only on the hair nearest the scalp. Massage your scalp thoroughly before you rinse it off.
Eyes: The eyes 'mirror of your soul' should be treated with care. In order to have a healthy as well as beautiful pair of eyes, you need to take plenty of fresh fruits and veges. Involve in regular exercise for blood circulation in order for the eyes to get enough supply of oxygen.The best medicine to keep your eye healthy is to drink a lot of water.
Teeth:One effective tip for dental care is to change the tooth brush regularly and to choose proper toothpastes. Regular visits to dentist is a must. Try to avoid taking too much sugar, soft drinks and chocolates.
Skin: This is the largest organ of the body.
One effective skin care tip is to drink a lot of water during the day. It leaves one's skin with a healthy glow.Consuming fresh fruits and vegetables can be helpful for getting healthy skin. Pamper your skin with proper skin products. If possible try to use herbal base skin care.
Hands: Hands are often the most overworked and ignored parts of the body. When doing any house cleaning work, wear rubber gloves to keep dirt and harsh chemicals from affecting your hands. However, nails tend to puff up when soaked in water and shrink back when dry causing them to become fragile, so make sure that your hands are not immersed in water for prolonged periods. Take a good moisturizing lotion and massage your hands for 5 minutes. A good massage helps in blood circulation, softening the skin and making your hands beautiful.
Feet: Most people forget to take good care of their feet which results in incomplete makeover. An unkempt feet can ruin an entire make over of a person. A nice pair of feet complements a pair of nice sandals. So try to soak your feet at least once a week in warm water (mix with olive oil) for 10-15min. and then scrub them to remove the dead cells. Moisturise your feet at night before going to bed and put on your old pair of socks. Your feet will be better by morning.
So to wrap up,
'Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the BELIEF that she is beautiful."-- Sophia Loren

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