Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Importance of FACIALS (Pt. 2)

Why do we need to do Facials on regular basis?
Dead skin cells come up to the surface of your skin on a daily basis. As a result,the complexion losing its radiance and the face ends up looking tired. Once that happens, the pores clog up with impurities, toxins are less easily eliminated and penetration of products (serums etc.)are blocked. This is the point at which you really can benefit from a total salon cleansing.During this time, you will experience a time of total relaxation, a wonderful time of bliss.Afterwards, your skin will breathe better and your complexion will become radiant once again. Usually treatment results are immediate for all skin types. You will be able to look in the mirror and clearly see the beneficial effects of a salon facial treatment on your face.
During your facial, the following will be done:
1.make-up is removed
2.face, neck and chest are cleansed.
3.Followed by a deep pore cleansing (double cleanse).
5. Scrub
6.Massage cream is then applied. This helps lubricate the skin making it easier to do the massage movements, which help to stimulate the skin.
Benefits of Massage:
.to increase circulation of the blood to the face which will help the products to penetrate better
c.Using lymphatic drainage to remove toxin from face
d. helps prepare the skin for extractions and
e. total relaxation.
7.After the massage, any extractions, if needed, will be done.
8.. A relaxing mask is then applied and left on for approximately 10-20 minutes. This helps soothe and relax the skin.
9.The face is then toned. Toning the skin removes any residual make-up or cleanser that may be left on the skin.
10.. Lastly, the skin is moisturized and sunblock is applied.
NB. Massage is not suitable for teens/adults with acne/pimples.

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