Thursday, November 19, 2009

That kissable lips!!

Lips is one of the most sensual features of a woman.Pouty lips attract attention! And why do you think Angelina Jolie is so famous?
How to get that kissable lips?
1.Exfoliate. This is important. Just apply abit of petroleum jelly and buff it with clean dry wash cloth.
2.Apply lip MASK.Most of us neglect this part even while doing facial at the salon.Lip mask really helps to recondition your lips.(After all the stuff that you put on your lips!)
3.Moisturise. Another important part that most of us tend to forget. Before applying lipstick, you really need to moisturise it to prevent from chapped/dryness.
4.Lip liner and lipstick.Items that you cannot be without!
5.Lip gloss.To get a sexy/pouty lips, you just need to apply the gloss at the centre of your bottom lips and voila!!! A sexy YOU!

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