Sunday, November 22, 2009

Your neck

Your neck can exude a sense of grace and elegance which very few other body parts can match.However millions of women tend to neglect their necks to such an extent that it has become the biggest giveaway of a lady's true age.
Taking care of your neck.
The first thing to do is to stop thinking that your face stop at your chin!!!Neck is an extension of your face therefore it has to be treated as good as the face. Whenever you clean your face you have to clean your neck as well.And when you apply foundation to your face, you have to apply to the neck as well to avoid any unsightly colour difference between your face and your neck.
Tips for a beautiful and graceful neck:
1.Always do a simple neck exercise(breathe slowly and bring your neck down to your chest and raise your head and bend to the back as far as you can....this is to firm up the neck muscles)
2.Sleep without pillow to avoid formation of double chin.
3.Daily, before shower, always massage the neck area (2-3 minutes) with any cream or oil.
4.When you go for facial, always request for NECK MASK.
As a reminder, your beauty regime does not stop at your chin!!!
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