Monday, April 12, 2010


Yes! Please say NO to the use of Hydroquinone in skincare products!
WHY? Well to begin with,topical hydroquinone is widely used throughout the world as skin bleaching agent.The demand for porcelain-white and translucent skin is really great.In Asia in particular, being fair is being beautiful. As a result, more and more skincare companies resort to the use of high percentage of hydroquinone. However, you have to say NO to that, reasons:
Hydroquinone whitens skin by killing skin pigment cells. The end result can be the formation of large patches of uneven skin colour.This is dyschromia. Dyschromia is very unsightly and very difficult to treat.
There was reported cases of very rapid repigmentation once hydroquinone was stopped.In this case hydroquinone has to be used at all time to maintain the porcelain look.
When redness occur,this is an indicator of inflammation of the skin.
Hydroquinone is also known as cancer-causing skin bleach. So beware!

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