Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Do You Want To Be Fairer ?

There is a Chinese saying:
'One just need to be white to cover three times of ugliness'.
This Chinese saying is quite true. If you are observant enough, the next time you are out on the street, please observe those darked skin people.To be honest, you have to really look to finally admit that so and so is really beautiful, except that she/he is too dark for people to notice that she/he is beautiful or even good looking!!!
It may sound a shock to Westerners, but it is true that people in Asia have a huge craze for a fairer skin or complexion. However, this craze or idea of being fair is being capitalised by cosmetic companies. These fairness cream business is a multi-million dollar business in Asia.
What makes the colour of skin fair or dark?
Our skin colour is largely due to genetics and it cannot be altered just by applying some external cream.There is a dark brown pigment in our skin called 'melanin' which causes our skin to become light or dark. People with less melanin appear fairer.
Want a Fairer Skin?
1.Drink plenty of water (8 glasses a day)as it hydrates your skin and helps to reverse damage
2.Minimize sun exposure (avoid exposing your skin to the sun between 10am-4pm)
3.Use sunblock cream with SPF20 or higher
4.Use good skin care products that help to remove dead cells
5.Take a handful of almonds everyday...good source of Vit.E for better complexion.
6.Take Vitamin C supplement.
However, to get a fairer skin, you have to keep your skin clean!Applying lemon juice and tomato pulp every morning is good in making your skin bright and glowing. So Ladies,whatever it is, Beauty is still in the Eye of the Beholder! and Love is Blind!!!

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