Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bird's Nests

Up until now, scientific research has continuously proven the fact that bird's nest contains plenty of natural nutrients and mineral such as glycoprotein, calcium, iron, phosphorous, iodine and vitamins, all of which can be absorbed easily by human.
Many informations have been gathered regarding bird's nests.Bird's nest is an excellent restorative food with a sweet and calm character; it is good for any age or gender
Ladies: Frequent consumption result in fairer skin, helps to stay young and look radiant.
Pregnant Women: Consumption during pregnancy will improve immune functions of the fetus and the mothers will be able to recover easily after giving birth.
Elders: Clears phlegm, strengthen lungs and kidneys, improves spleen as well as enhances appetite.
Children: Enhances immune ability, not inclined to get colds or flu
Men: Improves kidney and strengthens lungs, so not inclined to get weak.
However,recently bird's nests have been used for beauty treatment as well.

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