Saturday, January 15, 2011

Nano Can.....its benefits

Nano Water is water that has been charged with subtle energy (Far Infrared) to restructure the water cluster of water molecules.
Under normal circumstances, water molecule tends to cluster together forming different size clusters.
When these clusters are exposed to Far Infared energy, it breaks up into smaller cluster and uniform in size. They are also always in motion and repelling against each other. This is known as resonance because they have the same balance charge.

This balance charge is important because:

1. they stimulate our lymphatic to rejuvenate and cleanse toxins from our body.

SMN’s Lily Active Nano Water Can is equipped with Nano Far Infared (FIR) technology.

Nano Water from Lily Active Nano Water Can is absorbed rapidly through the mouth, cells and also our stomach. When our cells absorb water fortified with FIR energy it
causes the water molecule in our cells to vibrate at a rate of 240,000 times per second.

This ionizes and activates water molecules in our cells and blood thus
2.improving blood circulation and also our health.
3.It also improves the oxygen level in our body, warming and
4.eliminating fats and toxins from our system therefore improving blood circulation.
5.This also improves our perspiration and
6.prevents bacteria growth,
7.relieving pain,
8. improve strength and our health,
9. helps to speed up cells repair,
10. helps balance acidity of our body,
11.helps us to sleep better etc.

P/s I have tried it and it is really good.

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