Friday, November 26, 2010

Why do you need Zinc

Zinc is important for your body:
1.Zinc helps to build a healthy immune system
2.Zinc helps in the production of 100 enzymes in your body.
3.Zinc maintains your senses of smell and taste.
4.Zinc helps in Skin Treatment:
a.Useful in treating acne and pimples.
b.Keeps the skin smooth and supples.
c.Assists the body to normalise the amount of oil on the skin.
5.Zinc promotes the synthesis of collagen.(element of wound healing)
6.Zinc assists in losing your weight and controls your appetite making it easier for a person on a diet.
7.Zinc assists in proper growth of fetus (in pregnant ladies)
8.Zinc helps in relieving from chronic fatigue.
Most protein-rich foods are high in zinc.Examples are beef, lamb,turkey, chicken, lobster and salmon.For non-meat food, pumpkin seeds offer the most concentrated sources of zinc. Others include peanuts,beans,yogurt,almonds and avocados.

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