Thursday, May 12, 2011

Gold Masks & Gold Serum

Throughout ancient times gold has been recognised for its luxurious and beautifying properties for the skin. Cleopatra used pure gold to maintain her beautiful youthful skin and it has been said that she slept in gold mask almost every night.
In China, during Ch'ing Dynasty, the queen used a gold massager everyday to maintain a youthful and smooth skin.
Here are the benefits of using Gold Mask & Gold Serum:
1. Promotes skin firmness
2. Reduces age spot/pigmentation
3. Reduces the appearance of fine lines /wrinkles
4. Increases skin elasticity
5. Lifts the skin and prevents sagging skin
6. Helps to restore collagen production
7. Repairs damaged skin cells
8. Helps to erase scars
9. Assists in protection against pollution and damaging UV rays
10.Increases blood circulation.
Gold Mask& Gold Serum incorporate pure 24k gold. It gives the skin a new energy level by nourishing, revitalizing and rejuvenating. Therefore, it is a powerful Anti-Ageing Formula.
Apply a small amount of Gold Serum on the desired area and place the Gold Mask (that has been cut into 4 pieces)on your forehead, chin and cheeks,gently massage it until the Gold Mask and the Serum penetrate.
Visible results after using product varies for each user, depending on various conditions.
N.B. Not suitable for acne/pimple skin.

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