Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Healthy Lifestyle???

We are talking about Healthy Lifestyle, but what do you consider as being healthy lifestyle? Healthy Lifestyle is about movements and eating the right food.
Movements:Besides doing the normal and necessary movements, we have to add more movements to our daily routine:
1.Phone calls...movements can be added while you are making or receiving phone calls...pacing while you talk!This can shed off a few calories, try it!
2.Walking...park your car a few spaces away so that you can walk to add movements.Or, walk the stairs instead of using the elevators.
3.Chores...Do gardening, sweep/vacuum the floor and tidy your lawn.
Eating:Eating the right food is very important.
Add more fruits/veges
Drink 6-8 glasses of water
Avoid Caffeine,Sugar and Fat.
Have a smoke free and alcohol free life.
So Healthy Lifestyle means leading a life with healthy food and movements, movements and movements!
Exercise and eating the right food are keys to Healthy Lifestyle.
1.Be weight conscious...check your weight always (at least once a week)
2.No sitting after your meals...try to move about,clear the table or wash your plates etc.
3.Try to walk about after one hour of sitting in front of your TV or PC
Right Food and More Movements will lead to:
1.Improve Joint Stability
2.Improve Memory
3.Reduce Stress
4.Reduce Blood Pressure
5.Maintain Bone Mass
6.Reduce risk of heart disease and
7.Reduce Cholesterol.

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