Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Roll Back The Years With Derma Roller !!!

Would you like to roll back the years?
If your answer is'yes' ,please continue reading this article.This revolutionary treatment is called CIT (Collagen Induction Therapy).A small needling roller is used to stimulate tissue regeneration.
Lifting Effect
Encourages/stimulates the formation of new collagen
Pore size reduction
Skin rejuvenation
Tissue regeneration
Enhances blood supply.
Erases facial (acne)scars
Even out the skin tone.
What actually happen when you use the roller on your skin?
The roller is covered with 'micro-medical' needles that penetrate the skin and this results in lots of tiny 'wounds' being made on your skin. Your skin responds by producing extra collagen to 'heal' the punctures(wounds), and this plumps up the skin again and enhances the natural blood supply -
Viola!!! you get a natural glow and youthful/fairer looking skin.
It is reported that Angelina Jolie is using this method to maintain her beautiful fresh look.

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