Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Derma Roller Set (Anti-Ageing Set)

All of us would like to have a beautiful/flawless/fair skin.Then again, not many of us are bless with this type of skin.However, you are NOT to get disappointed since there are ways and means to achieve what you desire.
Recently I came across a product that uses DERMA ROLLER.
This is a Whitening/Hydrating Rejuvenation Set.
The box consists of:
One piece of Derma Roller
5pcs.of Compressed Mask Tablet
5bottles(3ml)of Derma Serum(highly absorbable and extremely antioxidant)
5bottles(20ml)of rejuvenation Serum (Absorbed quickly by the skin pores and able to heal damaged skin and has the whitening function).
How To Use it:
It is recommended that you roll 4 times up and down,
4 times left and right,
4 times north east to south west (diagonally)
and 4 times north west to south east (diagonally).
Take note:You DO NOT have to put too much pressure when you roll, just enough pressure as not to bleed or just gently roll it.
You will be surprised with the result.
My pores become smaller,skin becomes fairer and it has a special kind of glow that makes you look younger!
On top of these,you will find that all your skin care products are being absorbed more easily (better penetration).
For Best Result:Use at night before sleeping.

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