Monday, December 12, 2011

Great/Simple/Effective Exercise

Have you ever heard of the words 'Jin Ji Du Li'? No? Well, let me explain its meaning first. It means, 'Golden Rooster Stands On one Leg'. Dont laugh! Why not you try standing on one leg....NOW! Oh it is easy! Yeah it is easy! Now, how about trying to stand on one leg and CLOSE YOUR EYES!( The essence of this exercise is that your eyes MUST be closed!)Hmmmm, can you stand for long? Are you wobbling around? If you are able to do that, then you are healthy and fit. BUT if you are not able to stand even for 10 seconds, then your body has degenerated to 60 or even 70 years old level.TRY IT NOW!
Benefits of Daily practice of Jin Ji Du Li:
1.Healing of many diseases eg. Hypertension, Diabetes,Neck and Spinal diseases,even Dementia.
2.Improves the quality of Sleep
3.Improves memory significantly.
4.Prevents Gout
5.Strengthens the body's Immunity.
According to Chinese Physicians,diseases appear in the body because the coordination between various internal organs encounter problems and this results in your body losing its balance.Daily practice of Jin Ji Du Li CAN Readjust this inter-relationship of the organs.By doing Jin Ji Du Li, your body's organs will start getting the necessary TUNING!Do not wait till you have any illness to start practicing Jin Ji Du Li, practice it while you are still young to AVOID having all the related ageing diseases.
Not suitable for people over 70 years old and those that have weak legs!

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