Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Want to look and feel good?

If you don't look good (on the outside),you definitely don't feel good (on the inside).Looking and feeling good can boost your self confidence.There is one sure way for you to look and feel good....that is by doing daily exercise!
By doing daily exercise you can feel better(full of confidence),have more energy and perhaps live longer.You should make an effort to do exercise regardless of age,sex or physical ability.If possible try to combine aerobic exercises( e.g. running,dancing,walking etc.) with weight-bearing and endurance exercises.
Weight-bearing and endurance exercises can help you to get better bone density. Maintenance of bone health can reduce one's chances of developing osteoporosis in later life.
Benefits of Daily Exercises:
1.Controls Weight
2.Improves mood
3.Combats health condition and diseases
4.Boosts energy level
5.Promotes better sleep
6.Maintains good bone density.
However, doing exercise should not be a burden to you,rather it should be an enjoyable experience so that you will continue doing it effortlessly into the future.

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