Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Stay Healthy And Slim Always

Stay Healthy and Slim
To begin with, not many people stay healthy till ripe old age.Most of them are down with certain diseases by age 40+. So how to stay healthy and slim always?
2 things to consider:
1.Diet Modification and
2.Portion Control.
For your information, these are not 'dieting'!Dieting do not last long since you have to make too many inconvenient sacrifices.
Diet Modification:
If you follow Diet Modification, you can still eat the food that you love and manage to maintain your ideal weight.Examples:
1.Eat low serving of carbohydrates with your last meal so that your body burns fat while you are sleeping.
2.Try using 'yo-yo'method of eating: eat more if your level of activity is high and eat less if your level of activity is low.
3.Try eating small meal but make it frequent...3-5 times per day.In this way, your body will not store the excess fat and you will increase your metabolic rate at the same time.
Portion Control:
Actually you can eat anything as long as the portion is small.This is the best technique to use for weight loss.If you are used to eating big portion in the past, try to change it.It is difficult to start but you will be happy once you have managed to use this method to stabilize your weight.
1.Eat half of your normal portion or share with your friend
2.Stop eating when comfortably full(80% full)
3.Eat ONLY when you are hungry.
Foundation for healthy lifestyle is based on good/healthy eating habits and your ability to control your food intake portion. At the same time, Age, Height and Muscle Mass index are important factors to consider if you want to maintain a good/healthy body.So try switching to Diet Modification and Portion Control for a healthier and better YOU!

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