Sunday, July 5, 2009

Anti Ageing Tips.....Shakespeare wrote "First we ripe and ripe, then we rot and rot".

Beauty is only skin deep, yet people are paying by the thousands to look beautiful. It does not matter how old you may be, but ladies like to look young and beautiful. Beautiful skin is a privilege, but properly cared skin is an accomplishment!!
Here are some tips that I hope can help you to stay young and beautiful.

1. Your diet is very important. Try to take a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. These are antioxidant rich foods that can help keep your skin firmer longer.

2. Drink plenty of water everyday as water flushes out toxin from your body. Try not to drink immediately after taking your food, at least for 20 minutes.

3. Enough sleep is very important . New cells are formed while you are asleep.

4. Regular exercise is equally important inorder to keep your body healthy and in good shape .

5. Have a stress free and alcohol /cigarrette free life.

6. Do not sleep on your face but try to sleep on your back instead.

7. Try to avoid direct sunlight between 10am - 4pm as the sun is most damaging at this time. Never leave home without sunblock.

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