Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Juvane Wrinkle Reducer (50g)

Wrinkle Reducer? Hey, pleaaasssseeee thats not for me!!!!

The word 'wrinkle' alone tend to make some people frown. Many people tend to think that 'wrinkle reducer' is only for older person. Well, do not be surprised, you might need it sooner than you think!

Wrinkles are fine lines that you see on face, neck and hands. However regular facial is an effective way to keep wrinkles at bay. Massage(during facial) increases blood circulation, which results in tightening of the muscles and tissues, thereby reducing the fleshiness of the skin and restoring a younger looking face.
If a person begins a good skin care program in their mid twenties or thirties and includes the use of an effective wrinkle reducer, they can keep those wrinkles from happening when they get older.

Now let us focus on Juvane Wrinkle Reducer(JWR)

JWR contains high concentration of vital skin rejuvenation agents. The nutrients in JWR are easily absorbed by the skin to enhance skin cells regeneration and skin revitalization. JWR also supplies the skin vital proteins and clears out wrinkle effectively.

How to use JWR

1. Clean your face and pat dry
2. Spread JWR on your face with a spatula (easier still with your wet fingers)
3. Lie down and let it dry for 20-50 minutes (sit up with your laptop and keep smiling)
4. Rinse off with warm water ( if you like , peel it off and wash off the rest)

Take note: It is recommended to use JWR for 7 days if you are using it for the first time.
From 8th day onwards, apply it once in 3 days.

Results: Skin will be more 'moist'
Saggy skin will be made firmer/lifted
Results will be apparent if comparison test is executed.
(My personal is lifted, firmer ,fairer and younger looking!!! )

Price: RM 198.00/USD55

DISCLAIMER: Visible results after using product varies for each user, depending on various conditions.
N.B. Not suitable for acne/pimple skin.

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