Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Foods that help Regeneration and Anti-Ageing

Your body is your friend! Take good care of your body then your body will take care of you.There are many foods out there that can either degenerate or regenerate your cells.
Foods that help Regeneration and Anti-Ageing:
* RAW nuts, seeds, soaked and sprouted grains
* Almonds, especially if they have been soaked in water for 24 hours ('sprouted')
* Fruit and vegetables especially sprouts
* Green leafy vegetables
* Beans that have been soaked for 8 hours. (That is, 'sprouted'. This makes them alkaline)
* Brown rice that has been soaked for 22 hours. This makes it alkaline
* Organic Cottage cheese and yogurt. They are alkalline. The bacteria has changed the original milk.
* Seeds
* Bee Pollen (not for everyone-some are allergic to pollen from some areas)
* Spirulina
* Seaweed
* Wheatgrass juice
* Barley greens
* Aloe vera
* Antioxidants (eg vitamin C, vitamin E, pycnogenols, coenzyme Q10)
* Olive oil
* Evening primrose oil
* Foods with omega 3 fatty acids (eg flaxseed oil) and
* Foods with omega 4 & 5 fatty acids (eg evening primrose and fish oil).
* Gentle sunlight (vitamin D)
* Gentle exercise.
* A good night's sleep every night, average at least eight hours.
On top of all these, you really need WATER!
Eating the right foods can not only help you look younger, feel younger but can lengthen your life! Defeating the ageing process is really not that hard by using good sense and can be obtained through making the right, healthier food choices.

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