Monday, May 24, 2010

Staying In Shape.............

How do you stay in shape?
A regular exercise programme aimed at staying 'in shape'is a must if you want to be in shape. Being in shape means that one has built up gradually to that point where exercise becomes effortless. If you stop doing exercise after attaining a state of 'in shapeness', you will gradually decline to a state of 'out of shapeness'!!! Cardio-Vascular health and muscle strength are very important.If you want to achieve this result, you have to include weight lifting in your exercise routine besides running, walking, swimming etc.The Ageing process is in fact the gradual decline of being 'in shapeness'. Your body will either Degenerate (in response to lack of exercise and not eating nutritional food) or Regenerate (in response to exercise and eating good nutritional food).
Human body is made up of living cells.Each cell needs proper food to keep it strong.Cells die and replace themselves at various intervals. When cell replaces itself with a weaker cell,this is what is known as Degeneration.This happens when the cell could not get nutritional foods.
Another term is Regeneration. This is when cell is able to replace itself with stronger and better cell. This process happens when cell is able to get good and nutritional foods.
I will explain what food usually cause Regeneration and Degeneration in my next post.

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