Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tabita - Phases that you will go through

What really happens when you started using Tabita:
(1st - 7th) day...You will feel itchy, your face feel taught, at times your complexion looks darker than normal and some experience redness. Do not panic, as these phases are normal at the initial stage of using Tabita.
(10th - 20th)day...some will experience the renewal of the skin by having pinkish and uneven skin tone.
N.B. At this stage,you are not supposed to scratch,this might cause skin abrasions.
After the 4th and 5th week, you will find that your skin will feel and look much better. The pores will be smaller, face becomes fairer and smoother.Those with pimples however can expect their pimples to subside and the healing process of the scars begin.Slowly but surely, the face will be transformed into a beautiful, smooth and almost pinkish complexion.
The natural ingredients like Vitamin A/C/E helps to repair and heal the skin and eleminate the scars. Japanese papaya extract also makes the skin fairer and Collagen helps to firm up the skin. Tabita also uses Pearl Powder to make the complexion fairer and at the same time firm it up.
N.B>: Daily cream is to be used all day whenever you go out under the sun as this is a treatment as well as sunblock cream.

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