Thursday, July 8, 2010

Young And Carefree !!!

No one on this earth wants to look OLD! All of us want to look young and beautiful, however there is no need to go under the knife! What you need to do is to inculcate few tricks in your daily routine:
1.Get to drink 8 glasses of water everyday
2.Out in the sun with sunscreen lotion
3.Lipstick colour must NOT be red and brown....stick to beige and pink
4.Hairstyle should be nice with carefree look
5.Not to overdo with Eyebrows outlining
6.Maintain a proper and confident posture( this can even make you look slimmer!)
7.Try to get a young fragrance by having floral scents
8. Sleeping pattern of 7-8 hours help you look young and fresh!
9.Daily routine:Cleansing, toning, moisturising and nourishing your skin is a must!
10.Try to stay slim: No processed food and food with MSG.No crash diet either! Eat in small portion
11.Be active and do light exercise always.

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