Friday, October 1, 2010

Swiftlet Skin Care

Recently Bird's Nest is being used as part of beauty treatment.
The Swiftlet Skin Care contain:
60% made up of swiftlet saliva (the gummy substance that swiftlets use to build their nests)
40% mixture of Derma white, Bengkuang Extract,Vitamin C, Vitamin E, UV-A & UV-B.
Excellent for Regenerating of Cells and able to combat against:
1.Pimples & acne
4.Open pores
5.Uneven skin tone
6.Rough skin surface
8.Control the excessive oil secretion.
The cream is able to:
1.fight against free radicals,
2.protect the skin against sunlight and
3. At the same time provide nutrition to the skin cells.(Regenerate the cells)
Advantages as compared to other products:
Faster way to combat problematic skin
Agreeable for all skin type
Effective in removing dead cells, and controlling of sebum productions.

Package :
Day cream
Night cream
Calming cream ( this is not inclusive in the package, have to buy separately for anti-irritation, redness and anti- allergy)

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