Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Beautiful Body

Do you know that your body is covered with dead cells? Well it's true.You need to keep it clean always by:
1.Body Brushing
By body brushing, your body will be brushed with soft Bristle Brush.You have to brush your skin in a long sweeping movement and towards your heart.This process will eliminate all the dead skin cells, and at the same time will allow your body to have a good blood circulation and increase your immune system.
The second process after Body Brushing is Exfoliation.This is done by scrubbing your body and should be done while your body is wet(in the shower) in order not to over-scratch your skin.Do it in a circular movement and again in the direction of your heart.However, you need to do it gently over the chest area as your skin is much more thinner here.Area that need to have special care are fee ts, elbows and knees. These areas are drier than your other body parts.
Once you feel that your body is smooth, no more dead skin cells, you need to moisturise it.Many people do not body brush and exfoliate their bodies.They do not realise that IF you do not exfoliate your body, whatever cream or lotion that you put on your body will go to waste, as it does not penetrate into the skin that is covered by dead cells!

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