Sunday, February 6, 2011

SUGAR - What It Does To Your Health and Beauty

Do you love sugar?
Everyone loves sugar, thats for sure.However, excess sugar is not good for your health as well as beauty.
Do you know that a can of soda (coke for example) has 12 teaspoons of sugar?Well, this is true.
What sugar can do to your health and beauty:
1.Gum Disease and Tooth Decay
2.Diabetes and Heart Disease
4.Malfunctioning of Immune System
Hmmmm, So before you pop that lovely chocolate or cake into your mouth,think again!!!
Here I would like to focus more on the Beauty aspect:
If you are interested to look younger than your calender year, this information is for you to digest:Did you know that sugar can make your skin dull and causes wrinkles to appear as well as makes you look years older?Yes, it is true and this is what happens when you take too much sugar.
Sugar can damage the collagen and elastin in your body.So the more sugar you take,the older you become.Our skin look firm because of Collagen and its Elastin.They are formed from protein fibers. Sugar however,combine with available protein in the blood will damage the collagen.This causes the skin to sag!
How To cut your Sugar Consumption?
1.Drink lots of water
2.Avoid Sodas
3.Take Natural Fruit Juice
Make sure you Read the labels Before buying your food!

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