Thursday, March 17, 2011

Personal Review on Tabita Skin Care

Hi, today is my 1st anniversary of using Tabita Skin Care.
I have used many products before but none that I like until I found Tabita.Tabita is a special product that I think I cannot live without it.My skin has improved a great deal and Tabita has sort of neutralize my skin condition, no more oily skin and open pores!I noticed that my skin is fairer( but not to the extend that the face is different from the rest of the body!),it is just nice and blend well.
This is my normal daily routine:
Morning:Wash my face with Tabita Facial Soap, Rub in Egyptian Magic Cream ,Apply Tabita Day Cream. Then I brush on Tabita Loose Powder.
Night:Wash face with Tabita Facial Soap,Rub in Egyptian Magic Cream again(but massage a little bit longer). Leave it for a few minutes and Apply Tabita Night Cream.
Take note: I use Tabita Toner only 2-3 times a week. Tabita Toner tend to make my skin a bit drying, so I have to adjust according to my skin condition.


  1. I Totally agree with you. Its like a miracle isn't it.

  2. Where do you get them from Indonesia or Malaysia ?

  3. Halo,

    Kami adalah distributor produk kecantikan Tabita Skin Care di Jakarta, kami memberikan harga yang bersahabat untuk agent dan reseller. Kami juga melayani pembelian secara retail.

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