Sunday, October 17, 2010

No Body Is Perfect

No Body Is Perfect! Well, that is for sure!However, never ever compare yourself to pictures of perfect models or actresses!
If you happen to see these actresses and top models without their make-up, they are just ordinary people like you and me.The things that separates we earthlings and them are the perfect hands of talented make-up artists(that they are lucky enough to have) and with the illusive effect of computer programs.
Try to be yourself.Look into the mirror and say "I AM WHO I AM". You have to be yourself and show to the world your unique natural beauty. Once you have the self-confidence, you can easily become a magnet to those around you!You do not have to be beautiful, just be yourself!You can make the most of the looks you already have by bringing out your own unique natural beauty.
"Sex appeal is fifty percent of what you've got and fifty percent of what people think you've got." Beauty Quote by Sophia Loren.

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