Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tights That Burn Your Calories !

GE Keep Fit Tights is made of special computerised knitting with nano-silver germanium.Germanium (GE 32) is known as an element of semi-conductor. When body temperature reaches 32 degrees Celsius, it releases anion (negative ion) which works on human body as bio-currents.
Benefits of Germanium:
1.Boosts oxygen in the body
2.Expels harmful toxins
3.Activates our body metabolism
4.Burns our calories
5.Improves blood circulation
6.Prevents skin diseases.
Benefits of GE Keep Fit Tights:
1.It lifts your hips
2.It shapes as well as slims your thigh and calf effectively.
3.This tights Burn up to 396kcal in 60 minutes walking!
4.Flatten the tummy instantly and effectively
5.Knee Cap is supported by the unique pressurised knitting.
N.B.No pressure on waist...Made of comfortable micro fibre.
End results....a slender and slimmer YOU!

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