Thursday, November 11, 2010

Foundation Garments Aid Good Posture pt. 2

A Foundation Garment should fit your way of living as well as your body:
If you do strenuous work, stand for long periods, walk a great deal, lift and bend, you will want a garment that supports the back and abdominal muscles, but which will allow plenty of freedom.
If you sit a good part of the day, you will need a garment that is comfortable, gives firm control through the hip and thigh region, and molds the figure into smooth lines.
There are Two types of flesh...soft flesh and firm flesh.
Soft flesh can be more easily controlled and distributed than firm flesh. The woman with soft flesh may require a smaller garment than her measurements indicate in order to give the control and support that her figure needs.
The figure with firm flesh can wear a garment with more resiliency. A foundation garment should control but never constrict.
Good Foundation Garment helps support bust, back and hip.Imagine putting your cake mix...without the mould...into the oven. The baked cake will spread everywhere! The same goes with the food that we eat, we have to put our body in a mould (the foundation garments) so that our body stays in the proportionate mould as intended.
Using a good Foundation Garment will give you the most satisfaction in comfort, health, as well as beauty.

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