Monday, October 19, 2009

Almonds for health/beauty

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Almonds has been considered as 'king-of-nuts'. There are many health as well as beauty benefits that you could get from Almonds.
Beauty Benefits:
Almonds help to keep your skin young.(contain lots of Vt.E)
Almonds also help to remove dead cells if used as scrub.
Health Benefits:
Almonds give you monounsaturated fat that help to reduce bad cholesterol.
Protein content in almonds is comparable to average egg and help to strengthen the heart muscles.For children, it helps to increase their IQ.
Overall Benefits:
1.Nutritionally rich
2.Low in calories
3.Rich source of Vt.E, selenium and manganese.
4.Lower bad cholesterol and reduce risk of heart attack
5.Double protection against diabetes/cardiovascular disease.
6.Its healthy fat may help to reduce weight.
7.Protein powerhouse.
For those who are beauty as well as health conscious, try taking Almond Meal.It comes in a box containing 2 'vacuum-packed' almond powder in aluminium's foils that you could use as your drink. It is 100% natural with no sugar added,no colouring and no preservative.

Price: RM20.00/USD6 (500g)

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