Saturday, October 24, 2009

Non Surgical Facelift

Welcome to the world of TUA.
In Malay,'TUA'means old.However,this machine is made in Italy.Tua Viso reduces the sign of ageing.It is a non invasive cosmetic treatment for facial muscles using hydro electronic micro-current stimulation.
About this tool:
1.Light and easy to use/handle/carry.
2.One year warranty
3.Hand-held Battery operated
4.Comes with DVD video and handbook.
1.Firm/tone the face and neck
2.Lift the cheeks
3.Reduce wrinkles
4.Reduce eye bags(by increasing lymph drainage)
5.Sculpt the face (for younger look)
6.Prevent skin sagging.
7.Brow lift(for bigger eyes)
8.Stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis
9.Give radiant complexion.

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