Saturday, October 24, 2009

Steps to slow down the ageing process

Is it possible to stop ageing?? Can you stop the hands of time? Well the answer to that is of course not! But you could delay your skin from ageing.
When do you think is the right time to delay the onset of wrinkles and fine lines? When is the right time to start taking care of your face?
Well,it is best to start taking care of your skin in your teen with good quality skincare regime (e.g Caroline skincare).
How to delay your skin from ageing:
1.Use good skincare regime (Caroline skincare)
2.Your Diet- It is important to start taking good/healthy food and not junk food.Basicly, 'you are what you eat'.
3.Avoid Sun rays- The most damaging element is ultra violet rays.Start using sunblock to avoid and protect your skin. Caroline UV cream is enriched with sunscreen agents to screen out the harmful UV rays.
4.Water acts as an anti-ageing element by hydrating the skin. It is advisable to drink between 8-10 glasses of water everyday.
5.Enough sleep is very important in order to delay ageing. There is no way for you to look young and vibrant when you do not have enough sleep. New cells are made while you are asleep. So get 6-8 hours of sleep everyday preferably before midnight.(as the saying goes, an hour before midnight is worth two after!)
6.Facial exercise.There are 44 muscles on our face and each muscle has to be moved in order to fight against gravity pull.We have to move these muscles the opposite way, away from gravity force.There are two ways how this can be done: 1.By doing facial massage (the best way is to go to salon) 2. By using exercise machine (hand-held and battery operated).This will be discussed on my next post.

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