Sunday, October 25, 2009

Toxin Absorbent /Slimming Pads

Please click pictures for bigger image (Black pads are used pads...covered with extracted toxin and oil!)

1.Detoxifies and removes fats naturally
2.Activates Cells
3.Relieves fatigue of the feet
4.Helps sleep
5.Relieves pain
6.Removes wastes accumulated in lymphatic system
7.Improves lymphatic functions and immunity.
APPLY once in 2 days.REDUCE 2-3 kilos within a month!!!
For slimming purposes, please reduce your food intake for faster result.
How to use it:
Clean your feet before going to bed at night
Fix the pads at the soles of your feet
Note:Pad will turn blackish in the morning and your sole will be oily. This is the result of fat/toxin being removed from your body.
This product is made in Korea with Japanese technology base on 28 years of intensive research.
Price:RM78.00/USD22 per box (10 sachets/5sets)
Price:RM70.00/USD20 If More than 10boxes.

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