Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Taking Care of your Skin

How to take care of your skin?
There are 3 basic steps: Cleansing, Exfoliating & Moisturising.
As we age, our skin tends to loose its elasticity and tends to get drier. However, the sooner a woman begins a good skin care routine the more she will reaps the benefits as she gets older.
Ways To protect your Skin:
1.Bathe daily.A daily bath/shower can add a much-needed moisture to your skin. You need only 5-10minutes of shower to moisturize your skin. However if you spend more time in the shower,the skin begins to dry.Please use warm water and not hot water to avoid dry skin as hot water removes the natural oil on your skin.Try to use moisturiser within 3 minutes after shower. By doing so,you are locking in the moisture as well into your skin.
2.Avoid direct sunlight.You can do this by applying sunblock/UV cream.
3.Stay clear of smokes/pollution. This is easily done by applying serum e.g Vitamin C/ gold/collagen serum.
4.Plug in a humidifier. A humidifier can add a much-needed moisture to the air and thus keep your skin from drying.
5.Exfoliate your skin. By doing so you are removing the dead cells and as such your skin will definately glow. However, please bear in mind that you are scrubbing your skin and not the bathroom floor! So please be gentle!!!
Extra care needed for the skin:
1.A regular nourishing facial(a once a month trip to the beauty salon)
2.Taking 8 glasses of water daily
3.A well balanced diet with lots of fresh fruits and veges
4.Taking Omega-3 fatty acid supplement.
So ladies, if you want to look beautiful till ripe old age, please take care of your skin since your skin is the biggest organ of your body.

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