Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tua Viso .....What you get

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Included in your kit:
Water Dispenser
Instruction book
Leather carry bag
Extra sponges
DVD Video
Quick Mini Quide.
Wipe away years of ageing and reveal a new YOU!
What it does:
Tua Viso electronically stimulates the muscles in your face.By firming and lifting your facial muscles, you will add youth and beauty to your face without having to go for surgery.Tua Viso provides a natural beauty that you can safely do it at your convenient and at affordable price.By doing Tua Viso once a day you can turn back ageing on:
Double chin
Eye bags
Drooping lips
Neck Creases
Facial Furrows
Forehead Lines
Crows' Feet
Creases under eyes
Sagging Jaw line.
Other Benefits:
Tua Viso lifts and tones the muscles structure beneath
your skin.Cream/Lotion cannot lift the underlying muscle structure.
Tua Viso not only works the face but also the neck,chin and jaw line.

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