Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Facial Exercise

To begin with, there are 44 muscles on your face. The idea of exercising your facial muscles may not be that easy.However, with only 10 minutes a day working out the facial muscles,you can see major results in certain area.By doing facial exercise you can shape your face and achieve better skin.
A facial exercise can help you to gain back your younger,smoother and firmer face. Applying cream alone on the face is not enough. A firmer and younger looking face can be achieved by consistently adhering to doing facial exercise.
Cream and serum will be absorbed much better after facial workout/massage.The skin texture will become tighter and will result in elimination of wrinkles.
Ladies as early as 20 are getting wrinkles due to work pressure and high stress level.
So ladies, the next time you go for your facial appointment, make sure you ask for facial with more massage, since massage is another form of facial exercise.

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